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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
J-1 A Class Revisited /B.B. King Live At the Regal 1971, sw, black, rb Mint ABC abcs724
J-2 Armstrong, Louis Sings the Blues 1954, gf, mono, sm splt Ex/Ex RCA Victor ljm1005
J-3 Ayler, Albert New Grass 1968, gf, red black M-/M- Impulse a9175
J-4 Backer, Mickey Blues and Jazz Guitar 1976, mono, wobc Ex/M- Kicking Mule km142
J-5 Bang, Billy Sextet Live at Carlos 1 1987, italy Mint Soul Note 211361
J-6 Bang, Billy Sextet Rainbow Gladiator 1981, italy Mint Soul Note 1210161
J-7 Bass, M./F. Bass/D. Peaston From the Root to the Scurce 1980, italy Mint Soul Note sn1006
J-8 Berne, Tim Mutant Variations 1984, italy Mint Soul Note sn1091
J-9 Berry, Chuck Golden Decade Vol. 3 1974, 2 lps, mono,France Mint Chess 427010
J-10 Berry, Chuck Greatest Hits sw, blue Mint Chess 1485
J-11 Big Maybelle The Last of 1973, 2 lps, gf, wlp M-/M- Paramount pas1011
J-12 Blake, Ran Duke Dreams Legacy of Strayhorn-Ellington 1981, cc, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1027
J-13 Blake, Ran Quartet Short Life of Barbara Monk 1987, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1127
J-14 Blakey, Art Caravan dark green M-/M- Riverside 9438
J-15 Blakey, Art/Jazz Messengers ST Les Liaisons Dangereuses promo, yellow, mono, d.g. M-/M- Fontana mgf27539
J-16 Bland, Bobby Get on Down With 1975, cc, wlp M-/M- ABC abcd895
J-17 Bley, P./B. Frisell Fragments 1986, German Mint ECM 1320
J-18 Blind Blake Search Warrant Blues 1926-32 Vol. 2 mono, gold M-/M- Biograph blp12023
J-19 Bracey, Ishman 1928-30 Comlete Recordings mono Mint Wolf wse105
J-20 Broonzy Big, Bill And Washboard Sam sw, blue Mint Chess 1468
J-21 Byrd, Donald Street Lady 1973, gf, solid blue M-/M- Blue Note bnla140f
J-22 Carr, L./S. Blackwell Blues Before Sunrise mono M-/M- Columbia c30496
J-23 Carter, Tony/ Grt Pgh Mass Choir I've Come a Long Way 1983, sw Mint TCS tca115
J-24 Charles, Ray In Person mono M-/M- Atlantic 8039
J-25 Clark, Dee Hold On It's sw, rare stereo, black, rb M-/M- Vee Jay sr1037
J-26 Cobham, B./A. Johnson Alivemutherforya 1978, wlp, tim str Mint Columbia jc35349
J-27 Copas C./H. Hawkshaw 24 Great Songs black, mono, 2 inch king Ex/M- King 984
J-28 Corea, Chick Septet 1985… Mint ECM 125035
J-29 Cotton Band, James High Energy 1975… Mint Buddah bds5650
J-30 Crayton, Pee Wee Things I Used to Do 1971, wlp, rw Ex/M- Vanguard vds6566
J-31 Crudup Big Boy, Arthur Mean Ol' Frisco 1989, u.k. Mint Fire crb1206
J-32 Davis, Nathan Suite For Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1976… Mint Tomorrow Int. tmi1000
J-33 Deadline/M. Dibango/B. Worrell Down By Law 1985… Sealed Celluloid cell6111
J-34 Delafose, John Zydeco Man 1981, sw Mint Arhoolie 1083
J-35 Detroit Jr. Chicago Urban Blues 1972… Mint Antilles an7025
J-36 Domino, Fats What A Party! stars, mono, d.g. M-/M- Imperial lp9164
J-37 Dorsey, Lee The New mono, blue, rw Ex/M- Amy 8011
J-38 Dr. John Destination Bonnaroo 1974… Sealed Atco sd7043
J-39 Dr. John Hollywood Be Thy Name 1975…. Mint United Arts uala552g
J-40 Dr. John's Gumbo 1972, gf, 1841 M-/M- Atco sd7006
J-41 Dylan, B./P. Ochs/P. Lafarce Broadside Ballads Vol. 1 1963, mono, 1st press, w/book M-/M- Broadside 301
J-42 Esquivel/His Orch To Love Again 1957, mono, d.g. M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1345
J-43 Feenjon Group Belly Dancing at the Café Feenjon Mint Monitor mfs497
J-44 First Cosins Jz En.S. Gardner/ Johnson For the Cos of Jazz 1977, hole Sealed Capitol st11589
J-45 Francis, Panama Blues Band Tough Talk!! mono, w/Billy Butler M-/M- 20th Cent Fox tfm5101
J-46 Frisell, Bill In Line 1983, not, German Mint ECM ecm1241
J-47 Frisell, Bill Band Lookout For Hope 1988… Mint ECM 8334951
J-48 Galliard, Slim/Slam Stewart Slim and Slam Vol. 3 sweden Mint Tax m8044
J-49 Garbarek, J./K. Jarrett Belonging 1974… Mint ECM 1050st
J-50 Garbarek, J./K. Johnson Aftenland 1980, cc Mint ECM ecm11169
J-51 Garbarek, J./T. Rypdal/A. Andersen Sart 1971, not, German Mint ECM 1015
J-52 Gaslini, Georgio Gaslini Plays Monk 1981, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1020
J-53 Ghiglioni, T./E. Rava/M. Waldron I'll Be Around 1991, Italy Mint Soul Note 1212561
J-54 Ghiglioni, Tiziana/S. Lacy Somebody Special 1987, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1156
J-55 Giuffre, Jimmy 4 Quasar 1985, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1108
J-56 Gordon, Frank Clarion Echoes 1985, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1096
J-57 Green, Grant Grant's First Stand mono, w.63rd, d.g. Vg+/Vg+ Blue Note 4064
J-58 Guitar Slim The Things That I Used to do Mint Specialty sps2120
J-59 Haden, C./E. Gismonti Magico 1980, sng stkr Mint ECM ecm11151
J-60 Haden, C./J. Garbarek /Gismonti Folk Songs 1981… Mint ECM ecm11170
J-61 Haden, C./P. Motian/G. Allen Etudes 1988, italy Mint Soul Note 1211621
J-62 Harris, Beaver 360 Degree Experience Beautiful Afica 1979, italy Mint Soul Note sn1002
J-63 Harris, Craig Black Bone 1984, italy Mint Soul Note sn1055
J-64 Hawks, Billy More Heavy Soul! From Genius of Blues 1968, sw, re-issue, mono Mint Prestige pr7556
J-65 Hill, C./T. Smith/B. Smith The Great Blues Singers mono, blue, d.g. M-/M- Riverside rlp12121
J-66 Hittman, J./Y. Uematsu Mosaic 1988, italy Mint Soul Note 1211371
J-67 Holiday, B./M. Champion/Gibson Sings the Blues rare, mono, maroon, d.g. M-/M- Score slp4014
J-68 Hoop S. II/A. Sanella/R. Smeck Vintage Steel Guitar Hula Blues 1971, gf, mono M-/M- Rounder 1012
J-69 Hoop S. II/Jim & Bob/R. Smeck Hawaiian Guitar Hot Shots mono, gold bird Mint YaZoo l1055
J-70 Hope, E./F. Foster Blue Note 10 Inch LP Collection 1983, Japan, audiop, mono, obi Sealed Blue Note k18p9271
J-71 Hopkins, Lightin The Great Electric Show and Dance 2 lps, gf, France M-/M- America 30am013014
J-72 Hopkins, Lightin Lightin' The Blues of… mono, bright blue Ex/M- Prest Bluesville bv1019
J-73 Horenstein, Stephen Collages Jerusalem '85 1985, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1099
J-74 Houdini, W. Executor/A. Hun Calypso Pioneers 1912-1937 1989, promo, virgin vinyl Mint Rounder 1039
J-75 Howling Wolf Sings the Blues black, mono, toc Ex/Ex Crown clp5240
J-76 Isley Brothers Shout! 1959, black, mono, d.g., rare twist special stkr M-/M- RCA Victor lpm2156
J-77 Jackson, Jim Kansas City Blues 1884-1937 Holland, mono Mint Agram Blues ab2004
J-78 Jackson, Lil' Son Rocking' An' Rollin' 1983, France, mono Mint Imperial lp9142
J-79 Jenkins, J./D.Allman Ton-Ton Macoute! 1974, cc, 2nd pr Mint Capricorn cpn0136
J-80 Konitz, Lee Quartet The New York Album 1988, Italy Mint Soul Note 1211691
J-81 Konitz, Lee Quartet Ideal Scene 1986, Italy Mint Soul Note sn1119
J-82 LaBelle, Patti/The Bluebelles Over the Rainbow 1966, notch, blue green Mint Atlantic sd8119
J-83 Lane, Abbe/T. Puente Be Mine Tonight 1958, mono, d.g. M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1554
J-84 Lewis, Barbara Baby, I'm Yours 1965, mono, red purple Ex/M- Atlantic 8110
J-85 Lusher, Don Quartet From Lusher With Love 1967, U.K., mono Mint CBS 62883
J-86 Lynn, Barbara You'll Lose A Good Thing mono, white Ex/Ex Jamie jlp703023
J-87 Mack, David New Directions Essays for Jazz Band By 1965, d.g. M-/M- Serenus srs1209
J-88 Mack, Lonnie The Wham of That Memphis Man! mono, red M-/Ex Fraternity f1014
J-89 McGhee, Howard The Sharp Edge 1961, U.K. Mint Fontana fjl906
J-90 McGhee, Howard /Brew More Blue Note 10 Inch LP Collection 1983, Japan, audiop, obi, mono Mint Blue Note k18p9274
J-91 McKusick, Hal Cross Section Saxes 1957,mono,maroon, d.g. Mint Decca dl9209
J-92 McLean, Jackie Like Old Times 1976, Japan, audiop, obi Mint JVC smj6137
J-93 McTell, B.W./G. Wiley/L. Jackson Last Kind Words 1926-1953 mono, poster,song insert Mint Mississippi mr005
J-94 Mickey/Sylvia Do It Again 1973, mono, srw M-/M- RCA apm10327
J-95 Mitchell, Blue Collision in Black promo M-/M- Blue Note bst84300
J-96 Mitchell, Blue/H. Hancock Step Lightly 1980… Mint Blue Note lt1082
J-97 MJQ Live at the Lighthouse 1967, wlp, mono M-/M- Atlantic 1486
J-98 Monk, T./C. Mingus/L. Tristano Blues in Modern Jazz mono, red purple Mint Atlantic 1337
J-99 Moody, J./C. Pozo And His Modernists mono, japan, audiop, insert, obi, toshiba emi Mint Blue Note lp5006
J-100 Moore, B./L. Gullin/S. Shihab In Europe mono, maroon, d.g. Mint Fantasy 6013
J-101 Murray, David Big Band Live at Sweet Basil Vol. 1 1985, Italy Mint Black Saint bsr0085
J-102 Murray,David Octet Murray's Steps 1983, Italy Mint Black Saint bsr0065
J-103 New Air/C. Wilson Air Show No. 1 1986, Italy Mint Black Saint bsr0099
J-104 Odetta Sings the Blues red black M-/M- Riverside rs3007
J-105 Olatunji Olatunji orange Mint Roulette sr42063
J-106 Out of the Blue OTB 1985… Mint Blue Note bt85118
J-107 Pate, Johnny A Date With mono, black, d.g. M-/M- King 611
J-108 Patton, Charlie The Immortal Charlie Patton Number 1 mono Mint Origin ojl1
J-109 Pearson, Duke Sweet Honey Bee N.Y. USA, rw Ex/Ex Blue Note bst84252
J-110 Pepper, Art Memorial Collection Ill Remember April Vol. 3 1975, Japan, audiop, obi Mint Trio pap25041
J-111 Pepper, Art/G. Cables No Limit 1978, yellow Mint Contemporary s7639
J-112 Pullen, Don Healing Force 1976, Italy Mint Black Saint bsr0010
J-113 Pullen, Don Famoudou/D.Moye Milano Strut 1979, Italy Mint Black Saint bsr0028
J-114 Ra, Son Arkestra Hours After 1989, Italy Mint Black Saint 1201111
J-115 Ra, Sun/Muddy Waters/O. Rush/Dr. John Ann Arbor Blues/Jazz Festival 1972 1973, 2 lps, gf Mint Atlantic sd2502
J-116 Shepp, Archie Three For A Quarter One For a Dime gf, red black M-/M- Impulse as9162
J-117 Shirley/Lee Let the Good Times Roll mono M-/M- Warwick w2028
J-118 Simone, Nina Sings Ellington! mono, gold M-/M- Colpix cp425
J-119 Simone, Nina Nuff Said! 1968, sw, orange Mint RCA lsp4065
J-120 Smith Hammond, Johnny Black Feeling! 1970, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7736
J-121 Smith Hammond, Johnny Opus De Funk 1965, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7420
J-122 Smith Hammond, Johnny Love Potion #9 1967, sw, mono, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7482
J-123 Smith, L./P. Kowald/G. Sommer Self-titled 1981, German M-/M- Amiga Jazz 855825
J-124 Soul Stirrers/S. Cooke/J. Taylor The Original Soul Stirrers 1971… Mint Specialty sps2137
J-125 Terry, S./B. McGhee ST Book of Numbers 1973, notch Sealed Brut 6002st
J-126 Til, Sonny/Orioles Today Sealed Dobre dr1016
J-127 Timeless All Stars/B.Hutcherson /H. Land Timeless Heart 1983, Japan, audiop, obi Mint Baystate rjl8057
J-128 Tjader, Cal Doxy 1973, 2 lps, gf Mint Verve 2v6s8820
J-129 Troy, Doris Sings Just One Look 1963, mono, wlp, rw VG+/M- Atlantic 8088
J-130 Turner, Joee Rock and Roll black, mono, d.g. Ex/Ex Atlantic 8005
J-131 Turrentine, S./S. Clark The Man red Mint Time s/2086
J-132 Watson,Doc/Merle Two Days In November 1974… Mint Poppy ppla210g
J-133 Watts, E./H. Mason/P. Rushen Gentle Thoughts 1977, gf, Japan, audiophile Mint JVC vidc1e
J-134 Wells, J./J.B. Hutto/O. Spann Chicago the Blues Today! Vol. 1 1972, gold, srw M-/M- Vanguard vds79216
J-135 West, Hedy Volume Two 1964, gold M-/M- Vanguard vrs9162
J-136 Williamson, Sonny Boy And the Yardbirds red Mint Mercury sr61071
J-137 Wilson, Jackie A Woman, A Lover, A Friend black Mint Brunswick bl754059
J-138 Wilson, Jackie Lonely Teardrops sw, mono, black rb Mint Brunswick bl54045
J-139 Witherspoon, Jimmy Spoon 1961, mono, 3 color, d.g., srw M-/M- Reprise r2008
J-140 Woollen, Russell Quartet For Flute and Strings black, mono Ex/Ex Tranition trlp15
J-141 Wright, O.V. Memphis Unlimited 1973, wlp, rw VG+/M- Black Beat bblx72
J-142 Zydeco, Buckwheat Turning Point 1984, sw Mint Rounder 2045
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
S-1 45 King Tuff Ass Jazz 1995… Mint Tuff City tuflp5002
S-2 Afroman The Good Times 2007, 2 lps, promo, green vinyl Mint Universal 4400161221
S-3 Arabian Prince Innovative Life the Anthology 1984-1989 2008, 2 lps, gf Mint Stones Throw sth2192
S-4 Atmosphere Headshots: Se7en 2005, gf, 3 lps Mnt Rhymesayers 00531
S-5 Aurra A Little Love 1982, lyr slv Mint Sal Soul sa8551
S-6 Bambaataa, A./J. Brown Unity 1984, 12 inch Sealed Tommy Boy tb847
S-7 Black Heat No Time to Burn 1974, not Sealed Atlantic sd7294
S-8 Brides of Funkenstein Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy 1979, sw Mint Atlantic sd19261
S-9 Brothers Johnson Look Out For #1 1976, sw, lyr slv Mint A&M sp4567
S-10 Brown, Bobby Dance!... Ya Know It! 1988, lyr slv Mint MCA mca6342
S-11 Civil Attack Civil Attack 1983… M-/M- Sal Soul sa8563
S-12 Connors, Norman You Are My Starship 1976, sw, sng stkr Mint Buddah bds5655
S-13 Cooke, Sam This is… 1970, 2 lps, gf Sealed RCA vps6027e
S-14 Delfonics Alive and Kicking 1974… Sealed Philly Groove pg1501
S-15 DJ Shadow Diminishing Returns Party Pak 2003, 2 lps Mint DR001
S-16 DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist ST Freeze 2003, 2 lps Mint Pfr2032xlp
S-17 Earth Wind and Fire All 'N All 1977, gf, poster, lyr slv Mint Columbia jc34905
S-18 Earth Wind and Fire Powerlight 1983, sw, lyr slv, sng stkr Mint Columbia tc38367
S-19 El-p High Water Feat. Blue Series Continuum 2004… Mint Thirsty Ear thi57431
S-20 Floaters Floaters 1977, sw, sng stkr Mint ABC ab1030
S-21 Franklin, Aretha Aretha 1986, sw, sng stkr, Warhol cover Mint Arista al8442
S-22 Franklin, Aretha Lady Soul 1968, blue green M-/M- Atlantic sd8176
S-23 Franklin, Aretha Soft and Beautiful 360, white Ex/M- Columbia cs9776
S-24 Franklin, Aretha Soft and Beautiful 360, white M-/M- Columbia cs9776
S-25 Franklin, Aretha I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You 1967, blue green M-/M- Atlantic sd8139
S-26 Franklin, Aretha The First 12 Sides 1972, promo, tim str M-/M- Columbia kc31953
S-27 Franklin, Aretha Aretha Arrives 1967, gold purple M-/M- Atlantic sd8150
S-28 Franklin, Aretha Yeah!!! In Person With Her Quartet mono, guar hi-fi M-/M- Columbia cl2351
S-29 Franklin, Aretha Let Me In Your Life 1974, not, promo, sng stkrs M-/M- Atlantic sd7292
S-30 Franklin, Aretha You Are My Starship 1975, not, promo, sng stkrs M-/M- Atlantic sd18151
S-31 Franklin, Aretha Take A Look 2 eye, mono, promo, tim str M-/M- Columbia cl2754
S-32 Franklin, Aretha The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging 1962, mono, guar hi-fi M-/M- Columbia cl1876
S-33 Franklin, Aretha Aretha Now 1968, blue green M-/M- Atlantic sd8186
S-34 Franklin, Aretha Young, Gifted and Black 1972, red green M-/M- Atlantic sd7213
S-35 Gaye, Marvin/K. Weston Take 2 1966, sw, mono, globes Mint Tamla 270
S-36 Hambone Big Fat Juicy Fun 1981… Mint Sal Soul sa8539
S-37 Herbaliser Very Mercenary 1999, 2 lps, Canada u.s. Mint Ninja Tune zen41
S-38 Holloway, Loleatta Dreamin' the Satoshi Tomie Rimixes 2000, 2 records Mint Sal Soul 724385889110
S-39 Houston, Thelma Any Way You Like It 1976, sw, sng stkr Mint Tamla t6345s1
S-40 Houston, Whitney Whitney Houston 1985, sw, sng stkr Mint Arista al88212
S-41 Houston, Whitney I'm Your Baby Tonight 1990, lyr slv Mint Arista al8616
S-42 Instant Funk Kinky 1983… M-/M- Sal Soul sa8564
S-43 James, Bob Two 1975, gf, Japan, audioph M-/M- TappanZee 20ap2006
S-44 Jonzun Crew/M. Donzun Down to Earth 1984… Mint Tommy Boy tblp1004
S-45 Kid Koala Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 2000, UK., booklet Mint ZEN34
S-46 Love Unlimited Under the Influence Of… 1973, sw M-/M- 20th Century t414
S-47 Love Unlimited Under the Influence Of… 1983, sw Mint 20th Century t414
S-48 Lucien, Jon Romantico 1982… Sealed Precision prclp2102
S-49 Ludacris Word of Mouf 2001, 2 lps, gf M-/M- Def Jam 3145864461
S-50 Madlib In India 2007… Sealed Stones Throw sth2170
S-51 Material/K. Creole/C. Mundi/G. Dan Mutant Disco 1981, 3 lps, U.K. Mint ZE zebox11
S-52 McCrae, George George McCrae 1975… Sealed T.K. 602
S-53 McCrae, Gwen Rockin' Chair 1975, sw M-/M- Cat 2605
S-54 MC's of Rap Got to be Funky 1990… Sealed Rap Records rr2000
S-55 Med Push Comes to Shove 2005… Mint Stones Throw sth2108
S-56 Method Man Tical 2000: Judgment Day 1998, 2 lps Sealed Def Jam 3145589201
S-57 Miami Sound Machine Eyes of Innocence 1984… Mint Epic bfe39622
S-58 Muldrow Anna, Georgia Olesi Fragments of an Earth 2006, 2 lps Sealed Stones Throw sth2145
S-59 Nappy Roots/Trick Daddy ST South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut 1999, w/calendar Mint Atlantic WB dmd2511
S-60 New Direction The New Direction sw Mint Neptune nlps200
S-61 Rammellzee Bi-Conicals of the 2004, German, 2 lps Mint Gomma
S-62 Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me 1984, sw Mint Motown 6052ml
S-63 Ross Diana/Supremes Reflections 1968, hole, sw M-/M- Motown ms665
S-64 Sade Promise 1985, lyr sht Mint Portrait fr40263
S-65 Saoco/J. Bataan/ Gracieca/Chocolate Latin Disco Salsa's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 1978… Mint Sal Soul sa8509
S-66 Sigler, Bunny Let me Party With You 1977… Mint Gold Mine gzs7502
S-67 Summer, Donna Coll. Edition Best of 1977-1980 Walk Away 1980, cc Sealed Casablanca nblp7244
S-68 Thomas, Rufus Crown Prince of Dance 1973, hole Sealed Stax sts3008
S-69 Treacherous Three The Tracherous Three 1983… Mint Sugar Hill sh9124
S-70 Tribe Called Quest We Got it From Home Thank You 4 Your Service 2016, 2 lps Mint Epic 88985377871
S-71 Ultra Magnetic MC's The Basement Tapes 1984-1990 1994… Mint Tuff City tuflp0618
S-72 Violator The Album 1999, 2 lps, gf Mint Violator 3145589421
S-73 Wansel, Dexter Life on Mars 1976, sw M-/M- Philadelphia Int pz34073
S-74 War Greatest Hits 1976, hole M-/M- United Artists uala648g
S-75 War Why Can't We Be Friends? 1975, sng stkr, poster M-/M- United Artists uala441g
S-76 West Street Mob West Street Mob 1981, gf Mint Sugar Hill sh263
S-77 Yellowman/B. Lee/T. Irie Reggae Dance Hall 2 1988, cc, promo M-/M- Sleeping Bag tlx42013y
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
R-1 Aces Jonah Koslen/Heroes 1983, notch Sealed Ransom 7883
R-2 Artery Oceans 1982, UK., mini lp M-/M- Red Flame rfm4
R-3 As One The Art of Prophecy 1997, France, 2 lps Mint SHLD 102lp
R-4 Atlas, Natacha The Remix Collection 1999, 2 lps Mint Mantra mntelp1022
R-5 Beach Boys All Summer Long Little Honda 1978, France M-/M- MFP 2m02682253
R-6 Beach Boys Girls on the Beach 1980, U.K. Mint Capitol caps1037
R-7 Beach Boys Stack-o-Tracks hole, gf, w/book M-/M- Capitol dkao2893
R-8 Beach Boys Sunshine Dream 1982, 2 lps, gf Mint Capitol svbb12220
R-9 Beach Boys Today! sw, black, rb Mint Capitol dt2269
R-10 Beach Boys Christmas Album original, black, rb M-/M- Capitol st2164
R-11 Beck/Korn/Money Mark The Dusted Years The Complete Dust Brothers 2003, 2 lps Mint Pinta dby313
R-12 Beltran, John Ten Days of Blue 1996, U.K., 2 lps Mint PeaceFrog pfo49
R-13 Berry, Chuck Golden Decade Vol. 2 1972, gf, 2 lps, france Mint Chess 427009
R-14 Black Devil Disco Club Eight on Eight 2008, U.K. Mint LO llp69
R-15 Blues Brothers Blues Brothers 1978, German Mint Atlantic atl50556
R-16 Bluetip Polymer 2000, lyr poster Mint Dischord no121
R-17 Bowie, David /Philadelphia Orch. David Bowie Narrates Peter and the Wolf 1978, rare, promo, 12 inch, 1 sided, sng stkr M-/M- RCA jd11306
R-18 Bretschneider, Frank Irand 1999, German, 2 lps Mint EFA 080701
R-19 Buchanan, Roy Roy Buchanan 1972… Mint Polydor pd5033
R-20 Buckingham, Lindsey Law and Order 1981, gf, wlp Mint Asylum 5e561
R-21 Cabaret Voltaire Plasticity 1983, promo, 5 track ep, sn stkr Mint Instinct ex2641
R-22 Cascades Rythem of the Rain 60's, mono, wlp, wobc Ex/Ex Valiant 405
R-23 Cash, J./J. Carter/Daughters The Junkie and the Juice Head Minus Me 1974, sw Mint Columbia kc33086
R-24 Cash, Johnny Blood Sweat and Tears 1962, wlp, mono, tim st M-/M- Columbia cl1930
R-25 Cash, Johnny The Johnny Cash Show Sealed Columbia kc301000
R-26 Channel, Bruce Hey! Baby 11 Songs About Your Baby red, stereo, srw M-/M- Smash srs67008
R-27 Chesterfield Kings Stop! 1985… Sealed Mirror 10
R-28 Cohen, Leonard Recent Songs 1979, sw Mint Columbia pc36264
R-29 Cohen, Leonard Songs From A Room sw Mint columbia cs9767
R-30 Cooper, Alice Zipper Catches Skin 1982, not Mint Warner Bros 123719
R-31 Curtin, Dan Pregenesis 1999, Belgium, 2 lps Mint Elypsia ely022lp
R-32 Dead Can Dance Within Realm of Dying Sun 1987, U.K. Mint 4AD cad705
R-33 Dead Can Dance Garden of the Arcane Delights 1984, U.K. Mint 4AD bad408
R-34 Defense De Defense De 1975, France Mint GRRR. Gr1001
R-35 Devine, Richard Asect:Dsect 2003, gf, 2 lps Mint N/A
R-36 Diamond, Neil Shilo orig, red white M-/M- Bang 221
R-37 Dilcher, Cheryl Special Songs promo M-/M- Ampex a10109
R-38 DJ Shadow In Tune and On Time 2004, 2 lps Mint Geffen b000274501lp2
R-39 DJ Signify Sleep No More 2004, 2 lps, U.K. Mint lc 02070
R-40 DJ Spooky Optometry 2002, 2 lps Mint Thirsty Ear
R-41 DJ Spooky/Totemplow Template 23 Mixes 12" EP 1998, lim ed, folded metal cover, 323/500 Mint N/A
R-42 Dokken Breaking the Chains 1983, wlp, sng stkr Mint Elektra 602901
R-43 Drexciya Neptune's Lair 1999, German, 2 lps Mint Tresor 129
R-44 Dust Brothers/J. King/M. Simpson ST Fight Club 1999, 2 lps, Europe Mint Restless 74321716431
R-45 Edwards, Todd Nervous Tracks 1999, 2- 12 inch M-/M- Nervous nrv203731
R-46 End Over End Scene From a New World 1986… Sealed Deep Ellum
R-47 Eyeless in Gaza Photographs as Memories 1981, U.K. Mint Cherry Red bred13
R-48 Fallen Angels Fallen Angels orange M-/M- Roulette sr25358
R-49 Fastbacks Very Very Powerful Motor 1990, red vinyl Mint FL 011
R-50 Feelies The Good Earth 1986, cc Sealed Coyote catnottc8673
R-51 FFWD FFWD 1994, 2 lps, U.K. Mint Inter-modo inta001lp
R-52 Flare Reference To Difference 1995, 2 lps, Japan, audiop Mint Sublime sbllp001
R-53 Fleeywood Mac Bare Trees 1972, boat Mint Warner Bros msk2278
R-54 Flight of Mavis Flight of Mavis 1989… Sealed Record Cellar rcp054
R-55 Ford Theatre Trilogy for the Masses 1967, hole, gf M-/M- ABC abcs658
R-56 Formerly Anthrax Show of Hands 1970, gf, cc, butterfly M-/M- Elektra eks74084
R-57 FSOL ISDN 1995, U.K., fold over covr Mint EBVvx2775
R-58 Funki Porcini The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds 1999, 2 lps, U.K. Mint Porcini zen40
R-59 Future Sound of London Papua New Guinea Translations 2001, U.K. Mint Jumpin'/Pumpin' lptot52
R-60 Future Sound of London Dead Cities 1996, 2 lps, U.K, gf Mint Virgin v2814
R-61 Gang of Four Special Edition Four-Track EP 1980, sw Mint Warner Bros mini3494
R-62 Gately, Michael Greatest Café hole, gf Sealed Janus jls3039
R-63 Gonjasufi A Sufi and a Killer 2010, U.K., 2 lps, gf Mint WARP lp172
R-64 Greenslade Time and Tide 1975, gf Mint Mercury srm11025
R-65 Ground Zero Off the Wall 1983… Sealed Broken records 0
R-66 Hayward, J./J. Lodge Blue Jays 1975, gf, sw, sng stkr, lyr sht Mint Threshold ths14
R-67 Heavy Hurt/The Merciless 2016, Europe Mint Bad Son bson001
R-68 Hell Munich Manchine 1998, 2 lps, German Mint V2 vvr1003181/2
R-69 Hendrix, Jimi Cry of Love 1970, gf, boat M-/M- Reprise ms2034
R-70 Herbert Bodily Functions 2001, German, 3 12 inch Mint !k7 097lp
R-71 Hot Lunch Hot Lunch 2013, yellow vinyl Mint TPE 1551
R-72 Hula Murmur 1984, U.K. Mint Red lp53
R-73 Hysteric Narcotics Batteries Not Included! 1986, cc Sealed Raff Scallion hn01
R-74 Ides of March Vehicale 1970, green M-/M- Warner Brothers 1863
R-75 I-F The Man From Pack 1999, 2-lps, insert Mint IT no10
R-76 In the Woods Omnio 1997, 3 sided lp 4th etching. U.K. Mint Misanthropy amazon011c
R-77 Jackie-O Motherfucker Assignment: Freaker Pipe 2007, gf, Canada Mint JZU 001 around 35
R-78 Jackie-O Motherfucker /Vibracathedral Orch Textile Vynal Series 03 2001, France, split 12 inch Mint Textile
R-79 Japanese Telecom Virtual Geisha 2002, 2 lps, german Mint Gigolo 67
R-80 Jennings, Waylon Dreaming My Dreams 1975… Mint RCA ayl14072
R-81 Jessamine The Long Arm of Coincidence 1996, 2 lps Mint N/A
R-82 Kid Rock Your Mama Presents Triple Maxipad 12 inch 1990, sng stkr, 4 cuts M-/M- Top Dog 13491jd
R-83 King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair 1984… M-/M- Warner Bros 125071
R-84 Kiss Peter Criss 1978, sw, w/lyr sht, poster Mint Casablanca nblp7122
R-85 Kiss Creatures of the Night 1982, faces cover Mint PolyGram nblp7270
R-86 KLF Chill Out File Under Ambient 1990… Mint KLF wax7155
R-87 KMFDM UAIOE 1989, cc Mint Wax Trax wax7083
R-88 Kraan Andy Nogger 1975… Mint Passport ppsd98006
R-89 Kraan Wiederhoren 1977, German M-/M- Harvest 1c06432110
R-90 Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express 1977, sw, hole Mint Capitol sw11603
R-91 Kraftwerk Autobahn 1974… Mint Vertigo vel2003
R-92 Kramer, J. Billy Trains and Boats and Planes 60's, mono Sealed Imperial lp9291
R-93 Le Orme Contrappunti 1974, Italy M-/Mint Philips 6323035
R-94 Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid 1977, U.K., 2 lps, die cut Mint Mo-Wax mw078lp
R-95 Little Feat Let it Roll 1998, lyr slv Mint Warner Bros 125750
R-96 Mad dog Mad Dog 1977, sw Mint Fish Head 7042n9
R-97 Magic Lantern High Beams 2008, lim ed, insert Mint NNF 137
R-98 Major Force West 93-97 1999, 2 lps, U.K. Mint Mo'Wax mwr105lp
R-99 Mallinder, Stephen Pow-Wow Plus 1985, U.K. Mint Double Vision dvr16
R-100 Man's Best friend The New Human is Illegal 2004, German, 2 lps, gf Mint Morr 043
R-101 May, Brain ST Mad Max 2 1982, U.K. Mint That'sEntrnmnt ter1016
R-102 McFadden, Jerry Dale Stand and Cast a Shadow 1986, cc Sealed Reptile rr1010
R-103 Michaels, Lee Carnival of Life gold M-/M- A&M sp4140
R-104 Mills, Jeff Waveform Transmission Vol. 1 1992, German, 2 lps Mint Tresor 11
R-105 Mineral The Power of Failing 1995, autographed insert M-/M- Crank crc006
R-106 Moby Moby 1992… Mint Instinct ex2411
R-107 Moby Go Remixes 1991, sng stkr Sealed Instinct ex237s
R-108 Moby Grape Moby Grape 360, white, w/finger M-/M- Columbia cs9498
R-109 Montez, Chris Let's Dance and Have Some Kinda' Fun!!! rare, mono Ex/Ex Monogram mlp100
R-110 Moodymann Amerika 1997, 12 inch, white cover Mint N/A
R-111 Moodymann Don't Be Misled! 1996, 12 inch, white cover Mint N/A
R-112 Moodymann Small Black Church 1995, 12 inch, white cover Mint N/A
R-113 Moon Thievery Corporation /Mirror Conspiracy 2000, 2 lps, gf Mint Eighteenth Street Lounge esl033
R-114 Mudhoney Live at Third Man Records 2014… Mint Third Man Live tmr246
R-115 Necro I Need Drugs 2000, 2 lps Mint Psyco + Logical psl005
R-116 Negativland Points 1981, blue vinyl, 4 inserts Mint Seeland 002
R-117 Negativland A Big 10-8 Place 1983, insert, poster, bumper stkr Mint Seeland
R-118 Nelson, Whillie Texas in my Soul 1968, sw, hole, black, d.g. M-/M- RCA Victor lsp3937
R-119 Nitzche, Jack Death-Defying Judy Henske 1st Concert LP sw, 3 color label M-/M- Reprise 6203
R-120 Nocturnal Zoo Nocturnal Zoo 1987, lim ed 300, hand painted cover Mint A+R 8710x40
R-121 Perry Jacques, Jean/L. Vibert Moog Acid 2007, gf, 2 lps, u.k. Mint LO llp64
R-122 Peter, Paul/Mary (Ten) Years Together 1970, gf, booklet Sealed Warner Brothers 2552
R-123 Petty,Tom/Heartbreaker Hard Promises 1981, promo, lyr sht M-/M- Backstreet bsr5160
R-124 Plaid Remixes Parts in the Post 2003, u.k., 2 lps Mint PeaceFrog pfg03001
R-125 Portion Control ..Step Forward 1984, u.k. M-/M- Illuminated jams44
R-126 Presley, Elvis Heartbreak Hotel 1981, sw, u.k. Mint Camden cds1204
R-127 Pyrolator/Der Plan/Za Za/Stratis New Deutch 2003, 2 lps, german Mint Int. Deejay Gigolo 106
R-128 Queen A Night At the Opera 1975, gf, butterfly Mint Elektra 7e1053sp
R-129 Queen News of the World 1975, gf, lyr slv Mint Elektra 6e112
R-130 Quiet Riot Condition Critical 1984, lyr slv Mint Pasha qz39561
R-131 R.E.M. Murmur 1983, 1st press virgin vinyl M-/M- I.R.S. sp70014
R-132 Raunch Hands El Rauncho Grande 1985, sw, hole Mint Relativity ecm8060
R-133 Raven All For One 1983… Mint Important mr1269
R-134 Raybeats Guitar Beat 1981… Mint PVC pvc8904
R-135 Red Snapper Red Snapper 2003, 2 lps, U.K. Mint LO llp35
R-136 Rinhas, R./J. Livengood Cyborg Sally 2016, 2 lps, gf, France, lim ed, red vinyl Mint Soufflecontinu ffl018
R-137 Road The Road 1979, hole M-/M- Kama Sutra ksbs2012
R-138 Rooftop Singers Walk Right In mono, maroon M-/M- Vanguard vrs9123
R-139 Rother, A/Rodent/ Dr. Scissors In Elector We Trust a Datapunk Compilation 2004, 3 lps, German Mint DTP 3
R-140 Rotondi Polka Changed My Life Today cc Sealed Rotondi rr91786
R-141 Roxy Music Greatest Hits 1975, German Mint Polydor Delx 2302073
R-142 Royksopp The Understanding 2005, gf, 2 lps Mint Astralwerks 09463114818
R-143 Salloom, Sinclair And the Mother Bear 1968, sw Mint Cadet lps316
R-144 Scorpions Savage Amusement 1988, virgin vinyl, lyr slv M-/M- Mercury 8329631
R-145 Sedaka, Neil Sings His Greatest Hits 1962, mono, black M-/M- RCA Victor lpm2627
R-146 Seger, Bob Seven 1974, bright blue M-/M- Pallad Reprise ms2184
R-147 Seger, Bob The Bob Seger System black, rb M-/M- Capitol st172
R-148 Seger, Bob System Mongrel gf, green Mint Capitol skao499
R-149 Shriekback Go Bang! 1988, not Mint Island 909491
R-150 Simon, Paul Graceland 1986, sng slv Mint Warner Bros 125447
R-151 Simon/Garfunkel Wednesday Morning, 3AM 1965, mono, 360 white M-/M- Columbia cl2249
R-152 Softies Nice and Nasty 1978, U.K. Sealed Charly crl5012
R-153 Spooky Tooth The Mirror 1974, die cut M-/M- Island ilps9292
R-154 Stain I Know the Scam 1986, cc Mint Mystic mlp33148
R-155 Sun Electric Via Nostra 1998, Belgium, 2 lps Mint AMB 8950
R-156 Swimming Behavior/Human Infant ..And.. 1987, German, pic disc Mint N/A
R-157 Talking Heads Speaking Tongues 1983, sw, lyr slev Mint Sire 123883
R-158 Tangerine Dream Phaedra 1972, gf, hole, U.K. Mint Virgin v2010
R-159 Temple, A.C. Sourpuss 1988, U.K. Mint Blast First bffp45
R-160 Thin Lizzy Vagabonds of the Western World 1974… M-/M- London xps636
R-161 Townshend, Pete Who Came First 1972, Holland Mint Polydor 2485208
R-162 Transllusion The Opening of the Cerbral Gate 2001, German, 2 lps Mint Supremat efa019636
R-163 V.A. Heartbeats/ Sharps/Insprations Sounds of Success 1950's, mono, white gold Mint Jamie jlp703017
R-164 V/A Comp 2eme Konkoumizik 1988, h 2.7 Mint American Airlines aak2
R-165 Van Halen Van Halen 1978, promo, palms Mint Warner Bros bsk3075
R-166 Wakeman, Rick The Six Wives of Henry VIII 1972, not, virgin vynal Mint A&M sp3229
R-167 Wamdue Kids These Branching Moments 1996, U.K., 2 lps M-/Mint PeaceFrog pf059
R-168 Wavemaker New Atlantis 1977, U.K., lyr sht Mint Polydor 2383434
R-169 White Chocolate White Chocolate 1973… Sealed RCA apl10349
R-170 Whitefield, Barrence/Savages Dig Yourself 1985, sw Mint Rounder 9007
R-171 Whitehouse Cream of the Second Coming 1990, 2 lps, U.K., gf Mint Susan Lawly 7241421
R-172 Yatsura, Urusei Everybody Loves 2000, U.K. Mint onilp 2
R-173 Zappa, Frank/Mothers Fillmore East June 1971 1971, blue, rw Ex/M- Reprise ms2042
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Mint  not sealed but as good as it gets
M- nothing at all wrong with it –just not mint
Ex  good condition – plays great with some minor stuff (ring wear, scuffs etc.) keeping it from the M- category.
Vg+ - a much misunderstood grade.  I usually only place vintage, older sought after Vg+ stuff (jazz-soul-blues-50’s & 60’s rock etc.) on my auctions.  If you are buying to listen and enjoy the 50 -60 year old albums bid a little less and these records will be fine for you.  If you are a dealer looking to re-sell my Vg+ albums and get rich I wouldn’t do it.
Vg (or lower) truly rare and unusual
Remember all albums are guaranteed and may be returned for a full refund  (postage included)  Minimum bid is $10.00

Abbreviations and explanations:

‘360’ -black-white-written around label-tells the age of the pressing
Bk – book or booklet with lp
Black RB – Black label with rainbow-these labels help identify age of lp
Decal – usually added to shrink wrap or cover to clarify contents
D.G. – older 50’s-60’s lps especially Blue Note (Jazz) have a deeper groove around label- this helps to identify the age and pressing – 1st press, 2nd press etc.
Die-cut – album cover has portions with die-cut design
Drummer –icon on label of original 1st press Emarcy, Mercury lps
F.O. - cover folds open in some way other than Gf
Gf – gatefold
Guar. Hi-fi – guaranteed Hi-fi (mono)
Inserts – various paper and promotions inside lp
Ltd.Ed – limited edition pressing- sometimes numbered
Lyr.Sht – separate lyric sheet included with lp
Lyr.Slv – lyric sleeve for lp
OBI – strip on outside of cover, approx. 2-3” wide, mostly on foreign emports and 12”
Pic-disc – picture disc
Promo – promotional copy identified as such on either cover or label
SmSpl – seam of lp is split around top, bottom or side
SngStkr – a sticker on original shrink wrap promoting songs on lp
SRW – slight ring wear on cover
SW - record has original shrink wrap
TOBC- tear on back cover
T/S – Time Strip promotional lp sent to DJs, record stores or reviewers. Songs, titles and timing of lps usually a white 3-4 “ sticker across lower third of cover
Trumpet – icon on label or original 1st press Verve etc. labels
Virgin Vinyl – non-recycled vinyl quality see thru pressing
WLP! – these labels are mostly white promo copies, some other colors will be labeled pink, yellow lt. Blue etc on description.
WOC – writing, stamping or marking on record cover
WOL – writing, stamping or marking on record label
CC – cut corner on cover
Hole – small hole punched in cover
Not – record cover has thin notch on top or side
   All 3 of the above were done by record companies to designate albums as non-returnable for full store credit

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