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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
J-1 Adderley Cannonball, Julian Cannonball Enroute mono, black, d.g. M-/M- Mercury mg20616
J-2 Alexander, Monty Spunky mono, black, d.g. Mint Pacific Jazz pj10094
J-3 Amy, Curtis Mustang sw, mono, yellow, promo Mint Verve v8684
J-4 Armstrong, Lil Hardin And Her Orchestra 1961, mono, blue, d.g. Mint Riverside rlp401
J-5 Aroni, H./H.B. Barnum A Taste of Hanna Sealed CVR s826
J-6 Art Ensemble of Chicago The Complete Live in Japan April 22 1984 Tokyo 1988, 2 lps, Japan audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8021/8022
J-7 Ayer, R./C. Tollover/H. Land Virgo Vibes 1967, sw, mono M-/M- Atlantic 1488
J-8 Baker, C./Z. Sims Chet Backer and Strings mono, 6 eye, d.g. M-/M- Columbia cl549
J-9 Benson, G./Bro J. McDuff Qt. The New Boss Guitar of 1964, mono, gold M-/M- Prestige pr7310
J-10 Berry, Chuck On stage mono, black M-/M- Chess lp1480
J-11 Bobo, Willie Juicy sw, mono, yellow, promo M-/M- Verve v8685
J-12 Broonzy, Big Bill/P. Seeger In Concert 1958, hole, gold M-/M- Verve fvs9008
J-13 Brown, C./M. Roach Study In Brown mono, blue, drummer, d.g. M-/M- Emarcy mg36037
J-14 Brown, C./M. Roach/S. Rollins At Basin Street mono, blue, d.g. M-/M- Emarcy mg36070
J-15 Brown, M./M. R. Abrams/P. Bley Sweet Earth Flying 1974, gf, black Mint ABC Impulse as9275
J-16 Brozman, Bob Snapping the Strings 1983, sw, yellow Mint Kicking Mule km322
J-17 Burke, Solomon The Electronic Magnetism yellow, promo M-/M- MGM se4767
J-18 Carr, Wynona Wild, Wonderful Wynona 3 color, sm spl VG+/M- Reprise r96023
J-19 Carroll, Joe Man With A Happy Sound 1962, mono, yellow M-/M- Charlie Parker plp802
J-20 Carter, B./D. Byas/R. Procoppe The Fabulous Benny Carter Band mono, blue, d.g. Ex/Ex Audio Lab al1505
J-21 Charles, R./M. Jackson Soul Meeting mono, red purple M-/M- Atlantic 1360
J-22 Coasters One by One mono, yellow harp Ex/Ex Atco 33123
J-23 Collins, Albert Love Can be Found Anywhere Even in a Guitar sw, black M-/M- Imperial lp12428
J-24 Cowell, S./F. Waits/B. Williams We Three 1987, Japan, audiop, insert Mint DIW diw8017
J-25 Davis Reverend, Gary When I Die I'll Live Again 1972, brown, mono, 2 lps Mint Fantasy 24704
J-26 Davis, M./J. Coltrane Milestones mono, 6 eye, d.g., rw Ex/M- Columbia cl1193
J-27 Del Vikings They Sing…They Swing mono, black Ex/Ex Mercury mg20314
J-28 Dixie Cups Chapel of Love 1964, mono M-/M- Red Bird rb20100
J-29 Domino, Fats Lets Play black, rb, stars M-/M- Imperial lp9065
J-30 Elliot Ramblin', Jack Monitor Presents Ramblin' Cowboy mono M-/M- Monitor mf379
J-31 Evans, B./F. Hubbard/B. Golson Just Jazz! 1965, silver M-/M- Audio Fidelity afsd6150
J-32 Farmer, A./B. Golson Jazzete Another Git Together mono, black, d.g. Mint Mercury mg20737
J-33 Flamingos Requestfully Yours mono, gray, 1st press M-/Ex End lp308
J-34 Fleetwood Mac/O. Spann/W. Dixon Volume One Blues Jam in Chicago 1969, srw M-/M- Blue Horizon bh4803
J-35 Freeman, Bobby Twist With mono, black, rb, toc Ex/Ex Jubilee jgm5010
J-36 Freeman, Bobby C'mon and S-W-I-M mono, yellow, sm spl Ex/Ex Autumn lp102
J-37 Freeman, Ernie Raunchy mono, black stars, woc M-/M- Imperial lp9148
J-38 Gilberto, Astrud Windy sw M-/M- Verve v68754
J-39 Gilberto, Astrud I Haven't Got Anything Better to do hole, black, rw M-/M- Verve v68776
J-40 Harpo, Slim Rainin' in my Heart sw, blue Mint Excello 8003/so1
J-41 Harriott Double Qt., J. Ind-Jazz Suite 1966, gf, hole, blue green Mint Atlantic 1465
J-42 Holiday, Billie The Lady Sings mono, black rb Mint Decca dl8215
J-43 Holmes Groove, Richar A Bowl of Soul mono, yellow M-/M- Loma 5902
J-44 Hopkins, L./B. McGhee/A. Stidham/S. Hogg Roit in Blues mono, red, sm spl Ex/Ex Time t70006
J-45 Houston, Cisco I Ain't Got No Home mono, brown M-/M- Vanguard vrs9107
J-46 Houston, Cisco Sings American Folk Songs 1968, black M-/M- Folkways fts31012
J-47 Howard, P./R. Willis Faded Picture Blues blue, hole, srw Ex/M- King ks1098
J-48 Hughes, R./T. Stephens Introducing An Electrifying New Star 360, white M-/M- Columbia cl2385
J-49 Hunter, Alberta With Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders 1961, blue, mono, d.g. Mint Riverside rlp418
J-50 Illinois Jacquet Go Power! 1966, hole, blue M-/M- Cadet lp773
J-51 Illinois Jacquet Go Power! 1966, mono, blue M-/M- Cadet lp773
J-52 Imperials/L. Anthony We Are The Imperials mono, gray, div of roulette Ex/Ex End lp303
J-53 James, Etta Etta James 1973, sw M-/M- Chess ch50042
J-54 Jarman, Joseph As if it Were the Seasons M-/M- Delmark ds417
J-55 Jay, Abner True Sory of… mono, press kit w/photo Mint Mississippi lpmr036
J-56 Jobim Carlos, Antonio Meditation Brazilian Moods German, nude cover M-/M- Verve 711076
J-57 Johnson, Bubber Sings Sweet Love Songs mono, black, sm spl GV+/Ex King 624
J-58 Jordan, Clifford Soul Fountain 1970, not, purple M-/M- Vortex 2010
J-59 Jubilators Togetherness M-/M- Veep vps16527
J-60 King, Albert King, Does the King's Things yellow M-/M- Stax sts2015
J-61 King, B.B./B. Bland Together for the First Time…Live 1974, 2 lps, gf, wlp, rw Ex/M- ABC Dunhill dsy50190/2
J-62 King, J.D. Hot Sax mono, red vinyl Ex/Ex Tampa rs1277
J-63 Krause, Dagmar Supply and Demand cc, lyr sht Mint Hannibal hnbl1317
J-64 Leadbelly The Midnight Special 16 Historic Blues 1964, mono, purple Mint Vintage lpv505
J-65 Leadbelly H. Ledberrt's Best…His Guitar-His Voice-His Piano mono, black, rb Mint Capitol t1821
J-66 Lester, Ketty In Concert… 1971, rw Ex/M- Sheffield s15
J-67 Lewis Black, Joe Backlash 2016, sw Mint BJL blj001lp
J-68 Lewis, J./S. Asmussen European Encounter 1962, sw, hole, mono, red purple Mint Atlantic 1392
J-69 Love, Clayton Sings Mississippi Music, Mud and Misery sw Mint Flash Back mk57411
J-70 Lymon, Frankie At the London Palladium 1958, mono, white, d.g. Ex/Ex Roulette r25013
J-71 Lytle/Cartwright Bright Bank Elewhale 1979… Mint Cornpride cp003
J-72 Manne, S./W. Bobo/P.Humphrey The Drum Session 1979, cc M-/M- Inner City 6051
J-73 McDonald, Marie The Body Sings 1957, mono, pin-up cover M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1585
J-74 McDowell, F./F. Batts/A. Riddle Meet You on Other Shore Alan Lomax's 1959-1960 mono, book Mint MRI mr059
J-75 McDowell, Fred The Alan Lomax Recordings 2011, mono, insert Mint Miss. mr074/ds032
J-76 McDuff Brother, Jack Live! 1963, mono, 203 south, rw Ex/M- Prestige pr7274
J-77 McNeey Big, Jay Recorded Live at Cisco's Manhattan Beach, Calif. mono, gray, rw Ex/M- Warner Bros 1523
J-78 McPhatter, Clyde Love Ballads mono, black Ex/Ex Atlantic 8024
J-79 Milton, Little Hittin' the Boogie Memphis Days 1953-1954 1988, U.K. M-/M- ZuZazz z2007
J-80 Mitchell, B./B. Hutcherson This is Billy Mitchell 1962… M-/M- Smash srs67027
J-81 Mobley, Hank Reach Out! gf, div of lib M-/M- Blue Note bst84288
J-82 Moldies Mad, Mike Volume 1 mono M-/M- NRM lp1590
J-83 Monk Qrt., T./J. Griffin Thelonious In Action 1958, mono, blue Mint Riverside 12262
J-84 Montgomery, Lit. Bro. Piano, Vocal and Band Blues 1961, blue, mono, d.g. Mint Riverside rlp410
J-85 Montgomery, Wes The Best of… gf, mono Sealed Verve v8714
J-86 Moody, James James Moody's Moods w.50th, mono, yellow, d.g. Ex/Ex Prestige lp7056
J-87 Moonglows The Return of the 1972… Sealed RCA Victor lsp4722
J-88 Mulligan, G./Z. Sims/L. Konitz/A. Eager G. Mulligan Songbook Vol. 1 1958, mono, black, d.g. M-/M- World Pacific pj1237
J-89 Murray, D./J. Dejohnette In Our Style 1986, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8012
J-90 Murray, David Deep River 1989, Japan, audiop, obi, green vinyl Mint DIW diw8030
J-91 Murray, David Lovers 1988, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8020
J-92 Music Revelation Ensemble Elec. Jazz 1990, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8041
J-93 Music Revelation Ensemble Music Revelation Ensemble 1988, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8025
J-94 Neville Brothers Yellow Moon 1984… Mint A&M sp5240
J-95 Neville Brothers Neville-ization 1984… M-/M- Black Top bt1031
J-96 Newman, Joe Joe's Hap'nin's 1961, purple, d.g., rw Ex/M- Swingville 2027
J-97 Owens, Jimmy No Escaping it 1970, sw Mint Polydor 244031
J-98 Page, Patti The East Side mono, drummer M-/M- Emarcy mg36116
J-99 Parker, Junior Don't Have to be Black to Love Blues 1974, sw, hole Mint Groove Merchant gm502
J-100 Peterson, Oscar Soul Espanol mono, hole M-/M- Limelight lm82044
J-101 Phalanx In Touch 1988, Japan, audiop, obi Mint DIW diw8026
J-102 Philadelphia Experiment/P. Martino/Quest Love Philadelphia Experiment 2001, 2-lps Mint Ropeadope stro011592
J-103 Phillips, Utah Good Though! 1973, lyr sht Mint Philo 1004
J-104 Powell, S./All Stars At the Hop Vol. 1 mono M-/M- PromoMakers pmi101
J-105 Price, Lloyd The Exciting mono M-/M- ABC Paramnt abc277
J-106 Procope, Russ The Persuasive Sax mono, black, rb M-/M- Dot dlp3010
J-107 Prysock, Red Rock 'n Roll mono, black M-/M- Mercury mg20088
J-108 Puente, Tito/Orchestra Cuban Carnival 1958, mono Mint RCA Victor lpm1251
J-109 Rainey, Ma Blame it on the Blues 1968, yellow Mint Milestone mlp2008
J-110 Richards, Johnny/Orchestra Walk Softly Run Wild! mono, maroon, pin-up cover M-/M- Coral crl57304
J-111 Rodgers, Jimmie Never No Mo' Blues Memorial Album 1956, mono M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1232
J-112 Silver, Horace In Pursuit of the 27th Man 1973, gf Mint Blue Note bnla054f
J-113 Smith, Jimmy Midnight Special
J-114 Son House/C. Patton/S. James/M.J. Hurt Mississippi Moaners 1927-1942 mono, gold peacock Mint YaZoo 1009
J-115 Speckled Red/O. Spann/Sunnyland Slim Blues Piano Orgy 1972… Mint Delmark 626
J-116 Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon mono, red, d.g., sm, spl Ex/Ex Gee glp701
J-117 Thomas, Joe Masada 1975, sw, gf Mint GrvMerch gm3310
J-118 Various Artists Festival In Brazil mono, black, rb M-/M- Philips phs600273
J-119 Ward, Billy Yours Forever mono, dark green Ex/Ex Liberty lrp3083
J-120 Watson, Doc/Merle Pickin' the Blues 1985… M-/M- Flying Fish ff352
J-121 Watt Big Swingin' Band, T./T. Hayes A Real Swingin' Affair mono, black, woc M-/M- King kie2012
J-122 Wayne Wee, Willie Travelin' Mood 1982, France, mono Mint Imperial lp9144
J-123 Weldon Bill, Casey Hawiian Guitar Wizard 1978, France, mono Mint RCA pm42050
J-124 White, Josh The Best of Josh White 2 lps, gf,wlip, srw, sng stkr M-/M- Elektra eks75008
J-125 Williams Big, Joe Hand Me Down My Old Walking Stick M-/M- World Pacific wps21897
J-126 Williams Big, Joe Hand Me Down My Old Walking Stick 1968, promo M-/M- World Pacific wps21897
J-127 Williams, Charles Stickball 1972, gf Ex/M- Mainstream mrl381
J-128 Williams, J./P. Wheatstraw/R. Sykes Piano Blues 1966, mono, booklet M-/M- RBF rf12
J-129 Witherspoon, J./Bro J. McDuff The Blues is Now gf, mono M-/M- Verve v5030x
J-130 Witherspoon, J./C. Hawkins/R. Eldridge At the Monterey Jazz Festival 1959, mono, yellow Mint HiFi Jazz j421
J-131 Witherspoon, Jimmy Spoon in London 1965, mono, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7418
J-132 Witherspoon, Jimmy Sings the Blues With Panama Francis 1983, wlp M-/M- Muse mr5288
J-133 Wright, Leo Soul Talk 1970, wlp M-/M- Vortex 2011
J-134 Yancey, Mama/Little Bro Montgomery Chicago Living Legends South Side Blues 1961, mono, blue, d.g. Mint Riverside rlp403
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
S-1 Africa Bambaataa/Soulsonic Force Planet Rock the Album 1986… Mint Tommy Boy tblp1007
S-2 Booker T/Mar-Keys/C. Thomas The Treasure Chest of Goldies 1964, mono M-/M- Stax 703
S-3 Brown, James Everybody's Doin' Hustle Dead on Double Bump 1975, sw Mint Polydor pd6054
S-4 Brown, James Papa's Got a Brand New Bag mono, black M-/M- King 938
S-5 Brown, James The Payback 1972, 2 lps, gf, cc M-/M- Polydor pd23007
S-6 Brown, James Sings Out of Sight gf, promo, gold, rw Ex/M- Smash srs167109
S-7 Brown, James Live at the Apollo Volume 2 2 lps, gf, blue M-/M- King 1022
S-8 Brown, James A Soulful Christmas blue, santa suit M-/M- King ks1040
S-9 Brown, James/His Famous Flames Cold Sweat maroon M-/M- King 1020
S-10 Bull This is 1970… M-/M- Paramount pas5028
S-11 Campbell, Choker/16 Piece Band Play Hits of the Sixties 1965, mono M-/M- Motown m620
S-12 Castor Bunch, Jimmy Supersound 1974, promo, king kong stkr M-/M- Atlantic sd18150
S-13 Castor, Jimmy Hey Leroy Your Mama's Calling You mono, srw M-/M- Smash mgs27091
S-14 Charles, Ray The Genius of… white w/black spiral M-/M- Atlantic sd1312
S-15 Chiffons Sweet Talkin' Guy stereo M-/Ex Laurie slp2036
S-16 Chi-Lites Chi-Lites 1972… Sealed Brunswick bl754197
S-17 Courtney, Lou Skate Now Shing A Ling gf, mono M-/M- Riverside 2000
S-18 Curtis, King Plays the Great Memphis Hits 1967, hole, mono, grey gold Mint Atco 33211
S-19 Curtis, King Soul Serenade mono Sealed Capitol t2095
S-20 Cymande Second Time Round 1973, gf Mint Janus jls3054
S-21 Davis, Tyrone I Had it all the Time 1972, cc M-/M- Dakar d100
S-22 Defunkt Heroes 1990, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint DIW diw8039
S-23 Detroit Emeralds I'm in Love With You 1973, sw M-/M- Westbound wb2018
S-24 Dozier, Lamont Black Bach 1974, wlp, sng stkr, rw Ex/M- ABC abcd839
S-25 Earth, Wind and Frie Touch the World 1987, hole Sealed Columbia fc40596
S-26 Feels, Norman Norman Feels 1973, gf M-/M- Just sunshine jss8
S-27 Fire Fire 1978, wlp Mint Sunshine Sound 7802
S-28 Floyd, Eddie Experience cc M-/M- Malaco lp6352
S-29 Funk Deluxe Funk Deluxe 1984… M-/M- Sal Soul sa8565
S-30 Funkadelic Funkadelic cc, srw M-/M- Westbound 2000
S-31 Graham Central Station Ain't no Bout a Doubt it 1975, sw, quad M-/M- Quadradisc bs42876
S-32 Hathaway, Donny Donny Hathaway 1971, sw, 1841 M-/M- Atco sd33360
S-33 Hightower, Willie If I Had a Hammer hole Sealed Capitol st367
S-34 Hinton, Joe Duke-Peacock Remembers 1973… Sealed Duke dlpx91
S-35 Honey Cone Soulful Tapestay gf, die cut, texture cover M-/M- Hot Wax ha707
S-36 Inner Life/Instant Funk/1st Choice Larry Leven's Paradise Garage 1996, 2 lps Mint Sal Soul 2010181
S-37 Isley Brothers The Brothers Isley sm spl Ex/M- T Neck tns3002
S-38 Ja Rule Venni Vetti Vecci 1999, 2 lps, sng stkr Mint Def Jam 3145389211
S-39 Jackson, Janet Control 1986, sw, virgin vinyl, sng stkr Mint A&M sp3905
S-40 Jones Juggy, Murray Rhythm and Blues 1977… Ex/M- Jupiter 1401
S-41 Just-Ice Back to the Old School 1986, sw M-/M- Fresh lpre1y
S-42 Kongas Anikana-o 1978… Mint Sal Soul sa8512
S-43 Last Poets Delights of the Garden 1977, cc, woc M-/M- Douglas nblp7051
S-44 Mad Lads A New Beginning 1973, promo Mint Volt vos6020
S-45 Madonna Like a Virgin 1984, sw Mint Sire w125157
S-46 Marl, Marley The Queensbridge Sessions 1985-1987 1996… Mint Tuff City osflp4020
S-47 Marley, Bob/Wailers Early Music Featuring: P. Tosh 1977… M-/M- Calla zx34760
S-48 Mitchell, Willie The Hit Sound of sw, mono M-/M- Hi hl12034
S-49 Mizell, Rocky And the Sugar Rock Band 1977… Ex/M- Drive lp103
S-50 New Guys on the Block The New Guys on the Block 1984… M-/M- Sugar Hill sh9203
S-51 Obey, Ebenezer/Int. Brothers Band In the 60's Vol. 1 1976, U.K., ffss Ex/Ex Decca waps328
S-52 Parliament Funkentelecky vs. The Placebo Syndrome 1977, sw, 22x33 poster, 8 page comic M-/M- Casablanca nblp7084
S-53 Prince & the Revolution Around the World in a Day 1985, fold over cover w/stkr Mint Warner Bros 125286
S-54 Richie, Lionel Dancing on the Ceiling 1985, gf, sng stkr Sealed Motown 6158ml
S-55 Ross, D./Jackson 5 ST Diana 1971, gf, cut Sealed Motown ms719
S-56 Royalettes It's Gonna Take A Miracle mono, black, rb, sng stkr M-/M- MGM e4332
S-57 Soul Children Best of Two Worlds wlp Mint Stax sts2043
S-58 Staple Singers Bealtitude: Respect Yourself 1972, gf, promo M-/M- Stax sts3002
S-59 Starr, Edwin 25 Miles 1969… M-/M- Gordy gs940
S-60 Tams Presenting hole, black, rb M-/M- ABC Paramnt abcs481
S-61 Temprees Love Maze 1973, promo M-/M- We Produce xps1903
S-62 Underworld Underneath the Radar 1988… Sealed Sire 9256271
S-63 Wells, Mary Servin' Up Some Soul mono, black, rb, d.g., srw M-/M- Jubilee jgs8018
S-64 Whispers Planets of Life 1973, sw Mint Janus jls3055a
S-65 Whodini Open Sesame 1987, sw, sng stkr Mint Jive jl8494
S-66 Wright, Betty I Love the Way You Love 1972, not, green M-/M- Alston sd33388
S-67 Zafra Z for Zafra 1978, promo M-/M- H&L hl69024
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
R-1 Abe, K./S. Toyozumi Overhang Party 2004, 2 lps, gf, Italy Mint N/A
R-2 Aesop's Fables In Due Time 1969… M-/M- Cadet Concept lps323
R-3 Area/Kaos Rock/Banco 1979 Il Concerto 1979, Italy, gf M-/M- Cramps 5205903
R-4 Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipeout 1999, 3 lps, U.K., sng stkr, insert Mint DHR lp2021
R-5 Atomic Rooster Death Walks Behind You 1971, butterfly Mint Electra eks74094
R-6 Baker, Ginger Ginger Baker's Air Force 2 gf, wlp, sng stkr, rw Ex/M- Atco sd33343
R-7 Band The Last Waltz 1978, 3 lps, book, texture cover M-/M- Warner Bros. 3ws3146
R-8 Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs 2005, Italy, green swirl vinyl Mint qbico 34
R-9 Baroque Bordello Ultra Trip Cat 2003, Italy, yellow marble vinyl Mint qbico 13
R-10 Beach Boys Friends-Smiley Smile 1974, gf, 2 lps, promo M-/M- Bros/Reprise 2ms2167
R-11 Beatles Rubber Soul red Mint Capitol sw2442
R-12 Beatles Rubber Soul green, rw Ex/M- Capitol st2442
R-13 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour 1967, gf, black, rb, 24 page book M-/M- Capitol smal2835
R-14 Belly Gepetto E.P. Remix 1993, U.K. Mint 4 AD bad2018
R-15 Belly Star U.K., lyr slv M-/M- 4 AD cad3002
R-16 Birthday Party Hits 2 lps, U.K. Mint 4 AD dad2016
R-17 Brooks, M./B. Eno/D. Lanos Hybrid 1985… Mint Editions EG eged41
R-18 Bruford Earthworks, Bill Dig? 1989… Mint Editions EG eged60
R-19 Bruford, Bill The Bruford Tapes 1979, cut M-/M- Editions EG egs106
R-20 Budd, H./B. Eno Ambient 2 The Plateaux of Mirror 1980, cc Mint Editions EG egs202
R-21 Budd, H./B. Eno The Pearl w/D. Lanois 1984… Mint Editions EG eged37
R-22 Budd, Harold Lovely Thunder 1986… Mint Editions EG eged46
R-23 Cabaret Voltaire Eight Crepuscule Tracks 1988… M-/M- Giant gri60091
R-24 California California 2006, U.S., 10xlp box set Mint N/A
R-25 Can Can 1978, German M-/M- EMI Elec 1c06645099
R-26 Canned Heat Living the Blues 1971, gf, 2 lps Mint UnArtists uas9955
R-27 Castro, Nick/Poison Tree Further From Grace 2005… Mint Eclipse
R-28 Chalk, A./R. Welowski/E. Lanztlotta Yang-Toi 1998, blue vinyl Mint Nom 3
R-29 Crazy Horse Loose 1972, gf, wlp Mint Reprise ms2059
R-30 Deep Purple The Book of Talesyn 1968, gf M-/M- EMI Harvest shvl751
R-31 District Six To Be Free 1987… Mint Editions EG eged53
R-32 Dupree, Simon/Big Sound Without Reservations hole, red Ex/M- Tower st5097
R-33 Dylan, Bob Real Live 1984, promo Mint Columbia fc39944
R-34 Econochrist Trained to Serve 1992, lyr slv Mint Ebullition 18
R-35 Edikanfo/B. Eno The Pace Setters 1981, gf Mint Editions EG egm112
R-36 Eloy Live 1978, 2 lps, gf, German Ex/M- Harvest 1c16432934
R-37 Eno, Brian Ambient 1 Music for Airports 1978… Mint Editions EG egs201
R-38 Eno, Brian Ambient 4 On Land 1982… Mint Editions EG eged20
R-39 Eno, Brian Music for Airplay 1977, not for resale Mint Editions EG eno dj
R-40 Eno, Brian More Blank Than Frank 1986, cc Mint EG eglp65
R-41 Eruption Eruption 2005, Italy, pink vinyl Mint qbico 32
R-42 Everything But The Girl The Language of Life 1990, not, sng stkr Mint Atlantic 820571
R-43 Fang, Y./Central Broadcasting Symph. Orch. Yunnan Scenes Hong Kong, insert Mint HK 6340072
R-44 Fire Engines Fire Engines 1980, U.K. Mint Pop:Aural acc001
R-45 Floodgate Troubles A' Brewin' 1993, lyr sht Mint YouthStrikeChord 02
R-46 Fripp, Robert Network 1985… Mint EG egmlp4
R-47 Fripp, Robert Exposure 1979… M-/M- EG eglp101
R-48 Fripp, Robert Let the power Fall 1981… Mint Editions EG egs110
R-49 Fripp, Robert/League of Gentleman God Save the King 1980, w/insert Mint Editions EG eged9
R-50 Fripp, Robert/League of Gentleman Live! 1986, insert Mint Editions EG eged44
R-51 Fugs/Holy Modal Rounders Fugs 4, Rounders Score 1975… M-/M- ESP Disk esp2018
R-52 Green Green 1969, hole, 1841 M-/M- Atco sd33282
R-53 Haino, K./M. Kan Live in the Year of the Heisei Vol. 2 1990, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint PSF 6
R-54 Harper, Roy Lifemask 1973, U.K., fold open cover Ex/M- Harvest shvl808
R-55 Hartley Band, Keef Seventy Second Brave 1972, sw Mint DeramLon xdes18065
R-56 Hawkwind Space Ritual 1973, 2 lps, fold out, poster cover Ex/M- UnArtists uala120h2
R-57 Hawkwind/Man/Brins Swartz Greasy Truckers Party 1972, 2 lps, gf, U.K. Mint UDX udx203/4
R-58 Hirano, Go Reflection of Dreams 1995, Japan, lim ed, insert Mint PSF 71
R-59 Hook The Hook Will Grab You swril, rw VG+/M- Uni 73023
R-60 Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane 1967, gf, black Mint RCA Victor los1511
R-61 Jesus & Mary Chain/Echo & BM/Pretenders Under the Covers Other People Sing Other Peoples.. 1988, German, die cut Mint WEA wx146
R-62 Jigoku, Shindara LSD March 2004… Mint Siwa sr4002
R-63 Juiter 6 The Tracking System 1990, 12 inch, white cover Mint Greyboy gb001
R-64 Karthago Live at the Roxy 1976, 2 lps, gf, German Mint Bellaphon bda7506
R-65 Kawabata, Makoto Psychedelic Noise Freak 2001, Italy, yellow swirl vinyl Mint qbico 03
R-66 Kenso Self Portrait 1987, Japan, audiop, insert Mint Kojima lm1864
R-67 King Crimson Red 1974, promo, tim stkr, rw Ex/M- Atlantic sd18110
R-68 Kinks Muswell Hillbillies 1971, gf, rw Ex/M- RCA Victor lsp4644
R-69 Kitaro From the Full Moon Story 1979, Japan, audiop, insert Mint Zen 1006
R-70 Koekken, Helmut You Won't See Me 1977, German M-/M- Harvest 1c06432465
R-71 Led Zeppelin Coda 1982, gf Mint Swan Song 900511
R-72 Led Zeppelin Houses of Holy 1973, gf, lyr slev Mint Atlantic sd7255
R-73 Leedy, Douglas The Electric Zodiac hole Sealed Capitol st368
R-74 Lennon, Sean Into the Sun 1998… M-/M- Grand Royal gr053
R-75 Leviathan Leviathan 1974, sw, cc, lyr slv M-/M- Mach ama12501
R-76 Love Forever Changes gold M-/M- Elektra eks74013
R-77 Lull Way Through Staring 1997… Mint Manifold
R-78 Majik The Majik 1980, insert, sw, yellow label M-/M- Stormy m123
R-79 Mandel, H./H. Wales/Big Black Baby Batter M-/M- Janus jls3017
R-80 Mandrake Memorial Medium gf M-/M- Poppy pys40003
R-81 Masayoshi, U./M. Chie Dual Anarchism 2002, lim ed, w/coupon Mint Siwa 9
R-82 McDonald/Giles McDonald and Giles 1971, gf M-/M- Cotillion sd9042
R-83 McPhee, Tony The Two Sides of 1973, lyr poster Mint WWA wwa1
R-84 Melt-Banana Speak Squeak Creak 2001, re-issue Mint A-Zap azlp0004
R-85 Melt-Banana Cell-Scape 2003, insert Mint A-Zap azlp0005
R-86 Miki, Bingo Scandinavian Suite 1977, gf, insert, Japan, audiop M-/M- Three Blind Mice tbm1005
R-87 Miminokoto 3… 2004… Mint Siwa sr4001
R-88 Moby Grape Grape Jam 360, white M-/M- Columbia mgs1
R-89 Mokira Album 2004, U.K. Mint TYP 002lp
R-90 Monkees Present 1969… M-/M- Colgems cos117
R-91 Mothers of Invention Over-Nite Sensation 1973, gf, rare, quad, rw Ex/M- Discreet ms42149
R-92 Murtaugh, John Blues Current Polydor 244016
R-93 Nishinihon Nishinihon 2002, 2 lps, gf, U.K., green vinyl Mint Resonant 3
R-94 Norman, Larry/People The Israel Tapes 1974 A.D. 1980… Mint Phydeaux woof9991
R-95 Nucleus/Zodiac Youth/Tripsters Order Odonata 1996, 2 lps, U.K. Mint Dragonfly bfllp19
R-96 Ochs, Phil Gunfight at Carnegie Hall 1974, Canada Mint A&M sp9010
R-97 Pavlov's Dog Pampered Menial 1975, gf, wlp M-/M- ABC abcd866
R-98 Pelt Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky 1999, 2 lps, insert Mint VHF 43
R-99 Pet Shop Boys Actually 1988, gf, w/bonus 12 inch, sng stkr Mint EMI Manhtn spro04055
R-100 Pet Shop Boys Disco 2 1994… M-/M- EMI e128105
R-101 Pink Floyd The Wall 1979, 2 lps, gf, w/large wall decal M-/M- Columbia al36185
R-102 Plus The Seven Deadly Sins 1969, gf, die cut M-/M- Probe ABC cplp4513
R-103 Presley, Elvis Elvis Vol. 1 A Legendary Performer 1975, Canada, gold vinyl, book M-/M- RCA cpl10341
R-104 Preston, Johnny Come Rock With Me 1959, mono, black M-/M- Mercury mg20609
R-105 Racket Squad The Racket Squad Pittsburgh garage M-/M- Jubilee jgs8015
R-106 Ramones Subterranean Jungle 1983, lyr slv Mint Sire 123800
R-107 Reed, Lou Lou Reed 1972, orange Mint RCA Victor lsp4701
R-108 Reparata/The Delrons Whenever a Teenager Cries mono Mint World Arts wam2006
R-109 Rock-a-Teens Woo-Hoo 1958, mono M-/M- Roulette r25109
R-110 Rotary Connection Hey, Love hole M-/M- Cadet cc50006
R-111 Rydell, Bobby The Top Hits of 1963 1963, mono, w/bonus 45 M-/M- Cameo c1070
R-112 Sandii/The Sunsetz Heat Scale 1981, U.K. Mint ALFA alf85642
R-113 Savoy Brown Lion's Share 1972, fold open M-/M- Parrot xpas71057
R-114 Sheena/The Rockets Pinup Baby Blues 1981, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint ALFA arl28023
R-115 Shining Shinging 2007, 2 lps, gf, Norway Mint RLP 3060
R-116 Simple Minds Live in the City of Lights 1987, gf, 2 lps, book Mint A&M sp6850
R-117 Simple Minds New = Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) 1982, promo, gold vinyl, sng stkr Mint A&M sp64928
R-118 Sir Douglas Quintet 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 1967, fold out, texture cover M-/M- Philips phs600344
R-119 Six Organs of Admittance For Octavio Paz 2003… Mint Time-Lag 014
R-120 Small Faces Wham Bam! U.K. Mint Emidisc c04850719
R-121 Spectrum/Silver Apples A Lake of Teardrops 1999, gf, U.K. Mint Space Age orbit016lp
R-122 Spiritualized Let it Come Down 2001, 2 lps, U.K., postcard Mint BMG opm001lp
R-123 StokEs, Simon/Nighthawks ST Outlaw Riders 1971, yellow, promo M-/M- MGM 1se26st
R-124 Strawberry Alarm Clock Incense and Peppermints sw, hole Mint Uni 73014
R-125 Strawbs From the Witchwood 1971, gf, gold M-/M- A&M sp4304
R-126 Stuart, C./J. Clyde Of Cabbages and Kings M-/M- Columbia cs9471
R-127 Styx Best of 1974, blue vinyl Mint RCA Victor bxl12250
R-128 Surfaris Hit City '65 1965, mono, black, rb Mint Decca dl4614
R-129 Takahashi, Yukihiro What Me Worry? 1982, Japan, audiop, obi, insert Mint Yen yrl28003
R-130 Tangerine Dream Atem 1973, gf, German M-/M- Ohr omm556031
R-131 Telepherique/Trance/J. Waterman The Dark Side of the Brain 1 1994, Japan, audiop, lim ed 300 Mint EndorphineFact edp011
R-132 Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation 1977… M-/M- Mercury srm11186
R-133 Tiny Lights Prayer for the Halcyon Fear 1985, insert M-/M- N/A
R-134 Toyah/Fripp The Lady or the Tiger 1986… Mint Editions EG eged43
R-135 Tremeloes Suddenly You Love Me yellow Mint Epic bn26363
R-136 Turtles Happy Together She'd Rather Be With Me hole M-/M- White Whale wws7114
R-137 VA: Comp 40 Days/40 Nights 1983, Japan, pic disc Mint Stratosphere Music
R-138 VA: Mona Mur/Malaria/MDK Berlin Super 80 Undergrnd W. Berlin 1978-1984 2005, 2 lps, German Mint Monitorpop lc09759
R-139 Various Artists Music From Big Pink 1968, U.K. M-/M- Capitol st2955
R-140 Velvet Underground Loaded 1970… M-/M- Cotillion sd9034
R-141 Vibracathedral Orchestra The Sun Balance 2007, Italy, green vinyl Mint qbico 60
R-142 Voodoo Love Gods Voodoo Love Gods 1987, sw, LtdEd.300, bone white vinyl Mint Voodoo Charm vdodx9
R-143 Watt , H./Jr. W. D. Lincoln A Gift From Euphoria gf, hole Sealed Capitol skao363
R-144 Weir, B./D. Torbert Kingfish 1976, cc, sng stkr Sealed Round rxla564grx108
R-145 West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 2 3 color M-/M- Reprise 6270
R-146 Wolf Saturation Point 1973, U.K. Mint Deram sml1104
R-147 Yellow Magic Orchestra X Multiplies 1980, silver Mint A&M sp4813
R-148 Yellow Power Yellow Power 1982, German Mint X xr0001
R-149 YMO Service 1983, Japan, audiop Mint Pick P lpu0001
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Mint  not sealed but as good as it gets
M- nothing at all wrong with it –just not mint
Ex  good condition – plays great with some minor stuff (ring wear, scuffs etc.) keeping it from the M- category.
Vg+ - a much misunderstood grade.  I usually only place vintage, older sought after Vg+ stuff (jazz-soul-blues-50’s & 60’s rock etc.) on my auctions.  If you are buying to listen and enjoy the 50 -60 year old albums bid a little less and these records will be fine for you.  If you are a dealer looking to re-sell my Vg+ albums and get rich I wouldn’t do it.
Vg (or lower) truly rare and unusual
Remember all albums are guaranteed and may be returned for a full refund  (postage included)  Minimum bid is $10.00

Abbreviations and explanations:

‘360’ -black-white-written around label-tells the age of the pressing
Bk – book or booklet with lp
Black RB – Black label with rainbow-these labels help identify age of lp
Decal – usually added to shrink wrap or cover to clarify contents
D.G. – older 50’s-60’s lps especially Blue Note (Jazz) have a deeper groove around label- this helps to identify the age and pressing – 1st press, 2nd press etc.
Die-cut – album cover has portions with die-cut design
Drummer –icon on label of original 1st press Emarcy, Mercury lps
F.O. - cover folds open in some way other than Gf
Gf – gatefold
Guar. Hi-fi – guaranteed Hi-fi (mono)
Inserts – various paper and promotions inside lp
Ltd.Ed – limited edition pressing- sometimes numbered
Lyr.Sht – separate lyric sheet included with lp
Lyr.Slv – lyric sleeve for lp
OBI – strip on outside of cover, approx. 2-3” wide, mostly on foreign emports and 12”
Pic-disc – picture disc
Promo – promotional copy identified as such on either cover or label
SmSpl – seam of lp is split around top, bottom or side
SngStkr – a sticker on original shrink wrap promoting songs on lp
SRW – slight ring wear on cover
SW - record has original shrink wrap
TOBC- tear on back cover
T/S – Time Strip promotional lp sent to DJs, record stores or reviewers. Songs, titles and timing of lps usually a white 3-4 “ sticker across lower third of cover
Trumpet – icon on label or original 1st press Verve etc. labels
Virgin Vinyl – non-recycled vinyl quality see thru pressing
WLP! – these labels are mostly white promo copies, some other colors will be labeled pink, yellow lt. Blue etc on description.
WOC – writing, stamping or marking on record cover
WOL – writing, stamping or marking on record label
CC – cut corner on cover
Hole – small hole punched in cover
Not – record cover has thin notch on top or side
   All 3 of the above were done by record companies to designate albums as non-returnable for full store credit

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