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Hello out there my vinyl loving buddies what a great diverse batch of albums this time around. There’s a new category called “OLD BLUES – NEW BLUES – FOLK BLUES – COUNTRY BLUES – GOSPEL – ROCKABILLY.” Lots of unusual LPS here. Many are duplicates from my personal stash (over 50 years collecting) and I love them all!
All Records are stereo unless marked mono. All records are guaranteed.
Minimum bid $10.00
Auction ends Tuesday October 30th 2018 12:00 EST



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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
J-1 Adams, G./D. Richmond Gentleman's Agreement 1983, Italy Sealed Soul Note sn1057
J-2 Adams, George/D. Pullen Jazz A Confronto 1975, Italy Mint Horo hll10122
J-3 Adams, Pepper Critics' Choice Japan, audiop, obi Mint World Pacific gxf3137m
J-4 Adderley, Cannonball And the Poll-Winners 1960, mono, blue, d.g., smp spl Ex/Ex Riverside 355
J-5 Akiyoshi, Toshiko Meets Her Old Pals 1974, mono, Japan audioph Mint King skk3018
J-6 Akiyoshi, Toshiko The Many Sides of Toshiko mono, Japan, audiop, obi Mint Verve mv2567
J-7 Akiyoshi, Toshino The Amazing mono, Japan, audiop, obi Mint Verve mv2579
J-8 Allison, Mose The Word From Mose 1965, sw, blue green M-/M- Atlantic sd1424
J-9 Allison, Mose Sings 1963, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7279
J-10 Arnold, H./B. Hallberg/A. Domnerus Big Band Classics 1957-58 1987, 2 lps, Sweden, mono Mint Dragon drlp139/140
J-11 Arnold, Harry I Love… and All His Jazz 1950?, mono, harp, d.g. M-/M- Atco 33120
J-12 Ashley, Tyrone/Funky Music Machine Let Me Be Your Man 2007… M-/M- Truth&Soul tslp003
J-13 Blakey, A/Jazz messangers/W. Shorter/F. Hubbard Three Blind Mice 1972, cc M-/M- United Arts uas5633
J-14 Byrd, D./G. Green/H. Hancock I'm Tryin' to Get Home sw, hole, div of u.a. Mint Blue Note 84188
J-15 Clayton, Buck Septet Buckin' the Blues 1957, mono, maroon M-/M- Vanguard vrs8514
J-16 Cleveland, Jimmy Cleveland Style Japan, audiop, obi Mint Mercury expr1019
J-17 Collette, Buddy/His Trio Calm, Cool/Collette mono, black, rb M-/M- ABC Paramount abc179
J-18 Coltrane, John Live At the Village Vanguard gf, green Mint Impulse a10
J-19 Coltrane, John Coltrane sw, green, 2 lps, Canada Mint Prestige 216224003
J-20 Count Basie/Orchestra April in Paris 1981, mono, Japan, audioph, obi M-/M- Verve umv2641
J-21 Crawford, Hank Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul 1969, blue green? Sealed Atlantic sd1523
J-22 Criss, Sonny/H. Hawes I'll Catch the Sun! 1969, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7628
J-23 Davis "Lockjaw" Eddie/S. Scott Blues Shout! blue, mono M-/M- Prestige pr1069
J-24 Davis, Miles My Funny Valentine In Concert mono, 360 M-/M- Columbia cl2306
J-25 Davis, Miles Miles in the Sky 360, white M-/M- Columbia cs9628
J-26 DeFranco, Buddy Closed Session 1981, Japan, audiophile, obi Mint Verve umv 2632
J-27 Din El, Hamza Al Ous 1965, gold M-/M- Vanguard vsd79194
J-28 Dolphy, Eric/F. Hubbard Out to Lunch! blue, man. by u.a., sw, cc M-/M- Blue Note 84163
J-29 Edison Sweets, H./B. Cooper Blues For Lovers 1983, Japan, audiop, obi Mint Atlas la271027
J-30 Edwards, Teddy/L. McCann Ltd. It's About Time 1960, gold, d.g. M-/M- Pacific Jazz pj6
J-31 Evans, Bill Further Conversations With Myself 1967, gf, mono, yellow promo Ex/M- Verve v8727
J-32 Evans, Bill Montreux 1970, gf M-/M- CTI 6004
J-33 Geller, Herb Plays 1964, mono, Japan, audioph, obi Mint Emarcy expr1025
J-34 Gillespie, Dizzy ST The Cool World 1964, black, rb, d.g. M-/M- Philips phs600138
J-35 Gordon, D./B. Powell Our Man in Paris div of lib, srw M-/M- Blue Note 84146
J-36 Gullin, L./B. Rosengren Quintet, In Concert 1975, Sweden Sealed Storyville slp432
J-37 Gullin, Lars New Sounds From Europe Vol.3 Sweden mono, Japan, audiop Mint Vogue yx2050
J-38 Holiday, B./L. Armstrong/M. Torme Jazz Vocal Super Deluxe 1973, mono, Japan, audioph, obi Mint MCA 10021
J-39 Janis, Johnny The Start of Something New promo, 6 eye, mono, d.g. M-/M- Columbia cl1674
J-40 Jenkins, Leroy Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America 1979… Mint Tom 8001
J-41 La Roca, Pete/C. Correa Turkish Woman at the Bath maroon, hole, d.g. M-/M- Douglas sd782
J-42 Lewis, George/T. Murphy At Newport 1982, Japan, audiop, mono, obi Mint Verve umv2621
J-43 Lewis, J./S. Distel Afternoon in Paris mono, black, d.g. M-/M- Atlantic 1267
J-44 Madlib Shades of Blue Madlib Invades Blue Note 2003, 2 lps M-/M- Blue Note 724353644710
J-45 McDuff Brother, Jack Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring? 1971, cc, liberty-ua M-/M- Blue Note bst84358
J-46 McGhee, Howard/B. Moore/F. Navarro All Stars emi toshiba, mono, 10 inch, Japan, audioph, obi Mint Blue Note lp5012
J-47 McLean, Jackie/O. Coleman New and Old Gospel lib ua M-/M- Blue Note bst84262
J-48 Merrill, Helen The Nearness of You U.K., mono M-/M- Mercury mmb12000
J-49 Mingus, Charles Three or Four Shades of Blues 1977… M-/M- Atlantic sd1700
J-50 Mingus, Charlie Pithecanthropus Erectus mono, black, d.g. M-/M- Atlantic 1237
J-51 Mitchel, B./J. Griffin Big 6 1958, Japan, mono, audioph, obi Sealed Riversde 12273
J-52 Mitchell, Blue Collision in Black sw, div of lib M-/M- Blue Note bst84300
J-53 Mitchell, Blue Heads Up! div of lib, srw M-/Mint Blue Note bst84272
J-54 Mitchell, Blue Bantu Village 304 park Sealed Blue Note bst84324
J-55 Monk, Thelonius Monk. 360, black M-/M- Columbia cs9091
J-56 Moore, Brew Brew's Stockholm Dew 1971, U.K. Mint Sonet sntf624
J-57 Parker, Charlie The Bird You Never Heard 1988, mono Sealed Stash st280
J-58 Parker, Charlie Bird Tenor 1943 Birth of Bebop 1986, mono Mint Stash st260
J-59 Passport- Doldinger Bundesrepublik Deutschland Reisepass 1971, gf, German M-/M- Atlantic atl40299
J-60 Pena, Paul Paul Pena woc M-/M- Capitol st11006
J-61 Pepper, Art Early Art 1976, gf, 2 lps M-/M- Blue Note bnla591h2
J-62 Perkins, Bill/A. Pepper/R. Kamuca Just Friends 1957, mono, maroon, d.g., toc Ex/Ex Pacific Jazz m401
J-63 Pine, Courtney/T. Jones ST Angel Heart 1987, notch, promo, sng stkr M-/M- Antilles 910351
J-64 Redman, Dewey Tarik 1969, gf, hole, mono ster Mint BYG 529334
J-65 Rollins, Sonny ST Alfie 1965, gf, mono, orange M-/M- Impulse a9111
J-66 Sanders, Pharoah Elevation 1974, gf, France, orange, quad Ex/M- ABC Impulse as9261
J-67 Shaw, A./H. Forrest Deep Purple 1982, sw, mono, Japan, audiop, obi Mint RCA rjl2581
J-68 Shore, Dinah Holding Hands at Midnight 1984, mono, Japan, audiop, obi Mint RCA rjl2708
J-69 Simone, Nina Let it All Out sw, light purple, d.g. M-/M- Philips phs600202
J-70 Simone, Nina Nuff Said! 1968, sw, orange M-/M- RCA lsp4065
J-71 Smith, Jimmy Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 1964, gf, mono M-/M- Verve v8583
J-72 Smith, Jimmy The Cat 1964, gf, mono M-/M- Verve v8587
J-73 Southern, Jeri When Your Heart's On Fire black, mono, d.g. M-/M- Decca dl8394
J-74 Stitt, S./M. Roach/H. McGhee Newport Jazz Fest Tribute to Charlie Parker 1967, mono, black M-/M- RCA Victor lpm3783
J-75 Stitt, Sonny/D. Patterson Shangri-La 1964, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7332
J-76 Storm, Gale Gale Storm mono, black, rb M-/M- Dot dlp3011
J-77 Taylor, C./M. Mantler Jazz Composer's Orchestra 1968, gf, 2 lps M-/M- Jcoa lp1001/2
J-78 Terry, Clark/P. Gonsalues Duke With a Difference 1957, mono, blue, d.g. M-/M- Riverside rlp12246
J-79 VA: Ill. Jacquet/S. Sherock/L. Paul Norman Granz' Jazz at the Philharmonic New Vol. 3 mono, black, trumpet M-/M- Clef mgvol3
J-80 Vaughan, Sarah Sings George Gershwin gf, 2 lps, black, mono, d.g. M-/M- Mercury mgp2101
J-81 Wayne, Frances/N. Hefti Songs For My Man mono, lines, d.g. M-/M- Epic ln3222
J-82 Wiley, L./B. Butterfield A Touch of the Blues 1958, mono, d.g. M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1566
J-83 Wiley, Lee West of the Moon 1957, mono, d.g. M-/M- RCA Victor lpm1408
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
B-1 Baker, Lavern Blues Ballads mono, black wheel M-/Ex Atlantic 8030
B-2 Ballard, Hank 24 Hit Tunes sw, black, mono M-/M- King 950
B-3 Berry, Chuck More Blue, mono M-/Ex Chess u11411
B-3 Berry, Chuck San Francisco Dues blue, rw Ex/M- Chess ch50008
B-4 Big Mama Thornton/M. Waters Vol. 2 With Chicago Blues Band 1966, red M-/M- Arhoolie f1032
B-5 Big Maybelle The Last of 1973, 2 lps, gf M-/M- Paramount pas1011
B-6 Blackwell, Otis These Are My Songs! 1977, sw, cc M-/M- Inner City 1032
B-7 Bluebelles/P. LaBelle Sweethearts of the Apollo mono, blue, sm spl, w/sng stkr Ex/Ex Newtown 631
B-8 Broonzy Big, Bill/P. Seeger Folk Music Blues on WFMT With 1956, mono, book M-/M- Folkways fs3864
B-9 Broussard, Alex Happy Fats Cajun & Country Songs 1964, sw M-/M- Swallow lp6005
B-10 Brown, S./S. LeBlanc The Best of Two Cajun Greats! 1987, sw, mono M-/M- Swallow lp6067
B-11 Charles, Ray Ingredients in a Recipe For Soul 1963, sw, mono M-/M- ABC Paramount abc465
B-12 Charles, Ray The Genius Hit the Road mono, black, r.b., georgia stkr M-/M- ABC Paramount abc335
B-13 Chenier, Clifton/Red Hot Louisiana Band New Orleans 1978, hole, sw M-/M- GNP Crescendo gnps2119
B-14 Collins, A./R. Cray/J. Copeland Showdown! 1985, 1/2 speed, audioph, lim ed 2182, insert M-/M- Anadise 200 mfsl1217
B-15 Cooper, S./A. King/ Pop Stalpes Jammed Together Steve Pops Albert 1972, notch M-/M- Stax sts2020
B-16 Covay, D./J. Lemon Blues Band The House of Blue Lights red green M-/M- Atlantic sd8237
B-17 Curtis, Mac Good Rockin' Tomorrow: Rockabilly Uprising 1975, rw Ex/M- Rollin' Rock lp007
B-18 Delmore Brothers Great Country Songs mono, black, 2 inch king M-/M- King 983
B-19 Don/Dewey They're Rockin' 'Til Midnight, Rollin' 'Til Dawn! 1970, sw M-/M- Specialty sps2131
B-20 Douglas, K.C. The Country Boy 1974… M-/M- Arhoolie 1073
B-21 Drake, P./L. Roy Wiggins Nashville Steel Guitar 14 songs mono, orange M-/M- Nashville 634mlp2017
B-22 Drifters Best of Drifters Up On the Roof 1962, blue green M-/M- Atlantic 8073
B-23 Fats Domino Sings Million Record Hits mono, black stars lines M-/M- Imperial lp9103
B-24 Fats Domino Loet's Dance With Domino 1981, mono, France M-/M- Imperial 2c06883031
B-25 Fats Domino Walking to New Orleans 1983, France, sw, mono M-/M- Imperial 154662
B-26 Ford, T-Model The Ladies Man 2009, orange vinyl, sng stkr Mint Alive 01031
B-27 Grossman, Stefan Guitar Instrumentals 1973, U.K. M-/M- Transatlantic tra274
B-28 Hammond, J./E. Hinton Can't Beat the Kid 1973, promo M-/M- Capricorn cp0153
B-29 Harmonizing Five The Hands of the Lord 1961, mono, blue M-/M- Sharp mg2009
B-30 Hawkins Screamin', Jay Frenzy 1982, mono, U.K. M-/M- Edsel ed104
B-31 Hawkins, Ted On the Boardwalk Venice Beach Tapes 1986, U.K. M-/M- Brave 2
B-32 Hopkins, L./Big Mama Thornton/L. Williams Ball and Chain 1968, red, rw Ex/M- Arhoolie 1039
B-33 Hopkins, L./L. Ervin Texas Blues Vol. 1 1982, mono M-/M- Arhoolie 2006
B-34 Hopkins, L./M. Lipscomb/Mercy Dee Texas Blues Vol. 2 1968, mono, red, thick M-/M- Arhoolie 2017
B-35 King, Albert Born Under A Bad Sign 1967, hole, mono, light blue Ex/Ex Stax 723
B-36 King, B.B. Lucille 1967, gf, light blue M-/M- BluesWay bls6016
B-37 King, B.B. A Classic Revisited Live At the Regal 1971, sw, black, r.b. M-/M- ABC abcs724
B-38 Knight, Marie Sings of the Gospel mono, black, d.g. M-/Ex Mercury mg20196
B-39 Lewis, Furry In His Prime 1927-1928 gold peacock M-/M- YaZoo 1050
B-40 Louisiana Aces Louisiana Aces 1974, sw, mono, booklet M-/M- Rounder 6003
B-41 Lunenberg Travellers Religion With Rhythm mono, flat black M-/M- Vee Jay vjlp5076
B-42 Marr, Hank Greasy Spoon promo, blue, d.g., rw VG+/M- King kds1061
B-43 McDowell Mississippi, Fred I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll hole, green M-/M- Capitol st409
B-44 McDowell, F./T. Gladden/W. Ward I'll Be Glad When Sun Goes Down Recordings 1959-1960 mono, book Mint MRI mr060
B-45 McTell Blind, Willie 1927-1933 The Early Years mono, gold, peacock M-/M- YaZoo l1005
B-46 Musselwhite, Charlie Talkin' My Time 1971, tick M-/M- Arhoolie 1056
B-47 Patton, C./Son house/R. Wilkins Mississippi Blues No. 2 Delta 1929-32 mono M-/M- Origin ojl11
B-48 Patton, Charlie The Immortal Number 1 mono, rw Ex/M- Origin ojl1
B-49 Pierson Jodie, Leroy Rusty Nail 1988, sw M-/M- Nighthawk 202
B-50 Preston, Johnny Come Rock With Me mono, black, d.g. Ex/M- Mercury mg20609
B-51 Price, Lloyd The Fantastic mono M-/M- ABC Paramount abc346
B-52 Professor Longhair Live on the Queen Mary 1978, U.K. M-/M- Stateside ssl6004
B-53 Reagon, Bernice Folk Songs: The South 1965, blue, mono, d.g. M-/M- Folkways fa2457
B-54 Reed, Jimmy T'aint no Big Thing But He is… mono, black, rb M-/M- VeeJay vjlp1067
B-55 Rhodes, Sonny/Texas Twisters Just Blues 1985, sw M-/M- Rhodes-Way 4501
B-56 Robison, Willard And His Deep River Music 10 inch, mono M--/M- Coral crl56096
B-57 Rockin' Sydney/His Dukes They Call Me Rockin' 1975, U.K., mono M-/M- Flyright flylp515
B-58 Romancers Let's Do the Swim mono, pink M-/Ex Selma s1501
B-59 Rushing, J./C. Hawkins The Smith Girls 1961, sw, mono, 6 eye, d.g. M-/M- Columbia cl1605
B-60 Sleepy, LaBeef Electricity 1982, sw M-/M- Rounder 3070
B-61 Sleepy, LaBeef Nothin' But the Truth 1987, sw M-/M- Rounder 3072
B-62 Smith, H./F. McDowell/B. Jones Gonna Live Until I die mono, book Mint MRI mr065
B-63 Son House Raw Delta Blues 2011, 2 lps, gf, E.U. 180 gram Mint Not Now not2lp138
B-64 Sunset Blues Band Funky Blues sw M-/M- Sunset sus5254
B-65 Sykes, Roosevelt Dirty Double Mother 1973, wlp, rw Ex/M- Blues Way bls6077
B-66 Travis, Merle Walkin' the Strings mono, gold M-/M- Capitol t1391
B-67 Twitty, Conway R&B 63 1963, mono, black, rb Ex/M- MGM e4089
B-68 VA: J. Brown/Wy. Harris/H. Ballard/F. King Forgotten Million Sellers…16 Great Ones 4 inch, black, mono M-/M- King 792
B-69 Vinson, Eddie Cherry Red Blues hole, blue M-/M- King ks1087
B-70 Walker, T-Bone Blues Band Fly Walker Airlines 1972, wlp, insert M-/M- Polydor pd5521
B-71 Waters, Muddy Sings Big Bill Songs of "Big Bill" Broonzy 2014, mono M-/M- WaxTime 771955
B-72 Wayne Wee, Willie Travelin' Mood 1982, france, mono, srw M-/M- Imperial lp9144
B-73 Webster, Katie The Swamp Boogie Queen 1988, cc, sng stkr, press kit M-/M- Alligator al4766
B-74 White, Josh A Josh White Program England, mono M-/M- London ll1341
B-75 Williams Pete, Robert Takoma Blues Series Louisiana Blues 1980, prod by John Fahey M-/M- Takoma tak7011
B-76 Williams, Hank Moanin' the Blues mono, yellow, d.g. M-/Mex MGM e3330
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
S-1 Alexander, Arthur Soldier of Love 1987, U.K. M-/M- Acech207
S-2 Ashby, Dorothy Afro-Harping Feat. Soul Vibrations 1968, blue, d.g. M-/M- Cadet lps809
S-3 BAMA Ghettos of the Mind 1974, cc, wlp M-/M- Chess ch50032
S-4 Bomb The Bass Clear 1995, U.K., sng stkr M-/M- Stoned Heights brlp611
S-5 Bootsy's Rubber Band Stretchin' Out In 1976, notch M-/M- Warner Brothers bs2920
S-6 Brenda/Tabulations Dry Your Eyes mono, rw Ex/M- Dionn lpm2000
S-7 Cherry, Neneh Raw Like Sushi 1988, lyr sleeve M-/M- Virgin 191252
S-8 Cruz, Celia 16 Exitos De Con La Sonora Matancera 1983, Mexico M-/M- Peerless m/s23223
S-9 Cruz, Celia La Tierna, Conmovedora, Bamboleadora mono Ex/Ex Seeco cplp9246
S-10 D'Angelo Brown Sugar 2015, 2 lps, reissue, white vinyl Mint Virgin b002283401
S-11 DJ JS1 Scratch Roulette 2 2006… M-/M- Ground Original
S-12 DMX The Great Depression 2001, 2 lps, gf M-/M- Def Jam 3145864521
S-13 Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde The Champagne of Rap 1985, wlp M-/M- Profile pro1211bdj
S-14 EPMD Out of Business 1999, 2 lps M-/M- Def Jam 2000 3145589301
S-15 Exuma Exuma gf, wlp M-/Ex Mercury sr61265
S-16 Fantastic Four Best of the 1969… Sealed Soul ss717
S-17 Fat Boy Slim Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars 2000, 2 lps, gf M-/M- Astralwerks
S-18 Floyd, King Think About It 1973, notch Sealed Atco sd7023
S-19 Four Tops Second Album 1965, mono Sealed Motown 634
S-20 Fugi Mary, Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip 1997… M-/M- Funky Delicacies dellp0009
S-21 Funkadelic Rescue Dance Music "From the Blahs" 1979, gf M-/M- Warner Brothers bsk3371
S-22 Futuristic Journey Biddu Orchestra 1978, Canada M-/M- Columbia pcc90462
S-23 Gaye, Marvin Greatest Hits 1964, mono Sealed Tamla 252
S-24 Ghetto Philharmonic Hip-Hop Be-Bop 1994… M-/M- Tuff City tuflp0607
S-25 Hutch, Willie Concert In Blues 1976, notch, sng stkr Sealed Motown m6854s1
S-26 Impressions The Young Mods' Fogotten Story M-/M- Curtom crs8003
S-27 INCorporated Thang Band Lifestyles of the Roach and Famous 1988, promo M-/M- Warner Brothers 125617
S-28 Ingram, Jim Drumbeat 1974, rare Sealed Respect tas2602
S-29 James, Rick/Stone City Band Come Get It! 1978, notch Sealed Gordy g7981r1
S-30 Jay-Z The Hits Collection Volume 1 2010, 3 lps, song stkr Sealed Def Jam
S-31 King E., Ben Spanish Harlem yellow harp, rare stereo M-/M- Atco 33133
S-32 Lazy, Doug Doug Lazy Gettin' Crazy 1990, notch, promo, sng stkr M-/M- Atlantic 820661
S-33 Marvelettes Greatest Hits 1966, d.g. M-/M- Tamla 253
S-34 Masqueradesers The Masqueraders 1980, wlp M-/M- Bang jz36321
S-35 Massive Attack No Protection 1995, U.K., sng stkr Mint Wild Bunch wbrlp3
S-36 Massive Attack Protection 1994, U.K. M-/M- Wild Bunch wbrlp2
S-37 Massive Attack Blue Lines 1991, U.K. M-/M- Wild Bunch wbrlp1
S-38 Mayfield, Curtis Back to the World 1973, gf, notch M-/M- Curtom crs8015
S-39 Mimms, Garnet Sensational New Star mono Sealed Guest Star g1907
S-40 Mundi, Coati Little The Former 12 Year Old Genuis 1983, U.K. M-/M- Virgin v2269
S-41 Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul 1999, 2 lps, fold open, U.K. M-/M- Warp lp61
S-42 Ohio Players Greatest Hits 1974, gf M-/M- Westbound wb1005
S-43 P. Funk All Stars Urban Dancefloor Guerillas 1983, promo M-/M- CBS bfz39168
S-44 Parlet Play Me or Trade Me 1980… Sealed Casablanca nblp7224
S-45 Parliament Osmium M-/M- Invictus st7302
S-46 Patterson, Rahsaan Love In Stereo 1999, promo Mint MCA 1p93059
S-47 Pickett, Wilson The Wicked Pickett 1976, gold purple M-/M- Atlantic sd8138
S-48 Prince Prince 1980… Mint Warner Brothers bsk3478
S-49 Purente, T./J. Cuba/LA Lupe Tico Alegore All Stars Carnegie Hall Vol. 1 1974, hole, gf, wlp M-/M- Tico clp1325
S-50 R.C.U. In the House 1991… Sealed BMI
S-51 Sledge, Perry When A Man Loves A Woman 1966, sw, gold purple M-/M- Atlantic sd8125
S-52 Sledge, Perry Warm and Tender Soul 1966, mono, sng stkr M-/M- Atlantic 8132
S-53 Soul II Soul 1990 A New Decade Vol II 1990, sng stkr M-/M- Virgin 913671
S-54 Soul II Soul Keep On Movin' 1989, notch, promo M-/M- Virgin stvr897392
S-55 Sweet Inspirations What the World Needs Now is Live 1968, red green M-/M- Atlantic sd8201
S-56 Tex, Joe From the Roots Came the Rapper 1972, notch, srw M-/M- Atlantic sd8292
S-57 Tricky Back to Mine 2003, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- DMC blacklp14
S-58 Turner, I./Kings of Rhythm A Black Man's Soul 1969… M-/M- Pompeii sd6003
S-59 VA: Cut Creators/Checks Rockers Live Convention "79" 2008, Japan, obi Mint Disco Wax dw2001
S-60 VA: E.U./C. Brown/L. Benny Go Go Live Capitol Centre 1988, sng stkr M-/M- I Hear Ya cd0002
S-61 Vibrations Misty sw M-/M- Okeh okm12112
S-62 Walker, Junior/All Stars Anthology 1974, 2 lps, gf, book M-/M- Motown m7786r2
S-63 Wilson, Jackie Spotlight On black, rb, srw Ex/M- Brunswick bl754119
S-64 Wonder, Stevie Greatest Hits 1968, not M-/M- Tamla t7282r1
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
R-1 52nd Street Look Into My Eyes 1982, U.K., 12 inch Mint N/A
R-2 A Certain Ratio Guess Who? 1982, Belgium 12 inch Mint Benelux fbn17
R-3 ACR Wild Party Sound Like Something Dirty 1985, U.K., 12 inch Mint FAC 128
R-4 Anderson, Laurie United States Live 1984, box, 5 lps M-/M- Warner Brothers 9251921
R-5 Anugama Classic Fantasy 1986, German, audioph M-/M- Nightngale lp130
R-6 Aphex Twin Donkey Rhubarb U.K., 12 inch, re press M-/M- Warp wap63
R-7 Aphex Twin Come to Daddy 1997, U.K., 12 inch ep M-/M- Warp wap94
R-8 Auch Remix Tomorrow Goodbye 2001, 2 lps, German M-/M- EFA 044471
R-9 Autechre Quaristice 2008, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Warp lp333
R-10 Autechre Chiastic Slide 1997, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Warp
R-11 Autechre Tri Repetae 1995, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- Warp warplp38
R-12 Banco de Gaia Big Men Cry 1997, 2 lps M-/M- Planet Dog mr01631
R-13 Blondie Autoamerican 1980, sw Mint Chrysalis che1290
R-14 Blood, Sweat/Tears Blood, Sweat/Tears gf, sng stkr Sealed Columbia cs9720
R-15 Blue Cheer New! Improved! Blue Cheer black, rb, srw M-/M- Philips phs600305
R-16 Blue Oyster Cult Some Enchanted Evening 1978, promo M-/M- Columbia jc35563
R-17 Blues Brothers ST Blues Brothers 1980… Sealed Atlantic sd16017
R-18 Boards of Canada Twoism 2002, U.K., re issue, w/stkr M-/M- Warp lp70
R-19 Boards of Canada Trans Canada Highway 2006, U.K., 12 inch, white vinyl M-/M- Warp 200
R-20 Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country 2000, U.K., 12 inch ep, sky blue vinyl M-/M- Warp wap144
R-21 Boards of Canada The Campfire Headphase 2005, 2 lps, gf, U.K. M-/M- Warp wraplp123
R-22 Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children 1998, gf, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Warp Skam skalp1/warplp55
R-23 Boards of Canada Hi Scores 2002, U.K., 12 inch M-/M- Skam ska008
R-24 Bola Soup 1998, 2 lps, gf, U.K. M-/M- Skam skalp2
R-25 Bola Fyuti 2001, gf, 2 lps, U.K. Mint Skam skalp007
R-26 Bola Kroungrine 2007, 2 lps, U.K., lim ed Mint Skam skalp022
R-27 Brise-Glance When in Vanitas 1994, sng stkr M-/M- Skin Graft gr17
R-28 Closer Music After Love 2002, German, 2 12 inch M-/M- Kompakt 55
R-29 Converge You Fail Me 2004, 1st press, red vinyl M-/M- N/A
R-30 Cornelivs Point 2002… Mint Matador ole3321
R-31 Crandberries To the Faithful Departed 1996, lim ed, yellow vinyl, 9 panel poster Mint Island ilps8048
R-32 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Inventaire/Contradictiions 2004, German, lim numbered Mint VOD 10
R-33 Death in Vegas Scorpio Rising 2002, 2 lps, gf, U.K. M-/M- HARD 5312/74321954591
R-34 Denver, John Greatest Hits 1973, sw Mint RCA Victor cpl10374
R-35 Dep. Mode/Prim. Scream/Yello Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty 1996, U.K., 4 lps, gf M-/M- Deviant dvnt12lp
R-36 Depeche Mode Catching Up With 1985… Sealed Sire Mute w125346
R-37 Der Dritte Raum Klubraum 2003, 2 lps, German M-/M- Virgin EMI 724358188813
R-38 Derek/Dominos In Concert 1973, 2 lps, gf, notch M-/M- RSO so28800
R-39 Die Haut Die Hard 1989, German M-/M- SF 91
R-40 Domday Ducks Dance Music 1981, U.K. M-/M- UD 05
R-41 Dragon Ash Free Your Mind #33 1998, Japan, lim edited Mint Happy House vijl60029
R-42 Durutti Column Tomorrow 1986, Belgium, 12 inch Mint Benelux fbn51
R-43 Durutti Column Say What You Mean Mean What You Say 1985, U.K., 12 inch M-/M- FAC 114
R-44 Durutti Column Without Mercy 1984, U.K. M-/M- Fact 84
R-45 Einsturzende Neubuten Drawings of O.T. 1984, 2 lps M-/M- PVC pvc9902
R-46 Electic Mouse The Electic Mouse gf, hole Sealed Capitol skao395
R-47 English Beat Wha'ppen? 1981… M-/M- Sire srk3567
R-48 Enya Watermark 1988, promo, sng stkr M-/M- Geffen ghs24233
R-49 Epidemics Shankar 1983, promo, Steve Vai M-/M- ECM 125039
R-50 Esperanto Rock Orchestra 1973, hole, wlp M-/M- A&M sp4399
R-51 Fadela N'sel Fik 1987, 12 inch, U.K. Mint N/A
R-52 Falling Man A Christening 1988… Mint Paraclete parcb03
R-53 Fleischmann, B. The Humbucking Coil 2006, German, poster Mint Morr 063
R-54 Flying Lotus Pattern Grid World 2010, U.K., 12 inch ep, w/poster M-/M- Warp wap308
R-55 Flying Luttenbachers Revenge 1996, w/booklet M-/M- GR 37/ug 07
R-56 Future Sound of London Lifeforms 1994, U.K., gf, 2 lps M-/M- EBV v2722
R-57 Gas Nah Und Fern 2008, 2 lps, gf, German Sealed Kompakt 175
R-58 Geva, Zeni Nai-Ha 1996, gf, lp/12 inch, obi Mint Skin Graft gr40
R-59 Gum 20 Years in Blue Movies and Yet to Fake an Orgasm 1988, Australia, lim numbered M-/M- DEX 196e
R-60 Haack, Bruce The Electronic Record For Children 2012, re issue Mint Mississippi/Change
R-61 Happy Mondays …Yes Please 1992, U.K. M-/M- Factory fact420
R-62 Henley, Don Buildng the Perfect Beast 1984… Sealed Geffen ghs24026
R-63 Herald, John Band The Real Thing 1984, sw, lyr sht M-/M- Rooster rstr126
R-64 Hitchcock, Robyn/'n' the Egyptians Queen Elvis 1989, sw, sng stkr, virgin vinyl M-/M- A&M sp5241
R-65 Hodginkson, Tim Splutter 1985, U.K. M-/M- Woof 010
R-66 Hollies Hear! Here! mono M-/M- Imperial lp9299
R-67 Hot Tuna The Phosphorescent Rat 1973, gf M-/M- Crunt bfl10348
R-68 Hot Tuna Hot Tuna 1970, black M-/M- RCA Victor lsp4353
R-69 Hot Tuna Burgers 1972, gf M-/M- Grunt ftr1004
R-70 Hot Tuna Hot Tuna 1975… M-/M- RCA Victor lsp4353
R-71 Hot Tuna Yellow Fever 1975, black M-/M- Grunt bfl11238
R-72 Howard Newton, James/Friends James Newton Howard and Friends 1983, audioph, lim ed, w/insert Mint Sheffield Lab lab23
R-73 Howard, Harlan To the Silent Majority, With Love wlp M-/M- Nugget nrlp105
R-74 Hudson/Farnsworth From Night to Day 1975, wlp, srw M-/M- ABC abcd863
R-75 Hughes, Lynna Freeway Gypsy light blue M-/M- Fontana srf67611
R-76 Indian Bingo Scatological Sealed Indepent Project ipr27
R-77 Jauniaux, Catherine Fluvial 1983, U.K., insert Mint Woof 007
R-78 Jennings, W./J. Cash/W. Nelson/Kris K. Highwayman 1985… M-/M- Columbia fc40056
R-79 Khan Pasaport Passport 1999, 2 lps Mint Matador ole3381
R-80 Kooper, A./S. Otis Kooper Session srw M-/M- Columbia cs9951
R-81 Lunch, Lydia/T. Moore Honeymoon in Red 1987… M-/M- Windowspeak wsp12
R-82 Metamorphosis Dynamic Arena promo, srw M-/M- London ps588
R-83 Milano, Alyssa Look in my Heart 1990, Korea, w/insert Mint Canyon Int. r1002
R-84 Milano, Alyssa The Best in the World 1991, Korea, photo calendar Mint Canyon Int. r1042
R-85 Miles, Buddy Express Electric Church prod by Jimi Hendrix M-/M- Mercury sr61222
R-86 Miller, Steve Band Children of the Future gf, hole Sealed Capitol skao2920
R-87 Mitchell, Joni Joni Mitchell gf, 2 color boat M-/M- Reprise 6293
R-88 Moby Grape '69… 1969, sw, 360, white M-/M- Columbia cs9696
R-89 Modern English Pillow Lips 1990, sng stkr Sealed TVT tvt2810
R-90 Moe. Lve From San Francisco 2017, gf, 2 lps, lim ed, red marble vinyl M-/M- Brookvale brk277
R-91 New Order Music Complete 2015, 2 lps, gf M-/M- Mute 96281
R-92 New Order Someone Like You 2001, U.K., 2 12 inch M-/M- NUOX10/0927433000
R-93 Newman C., Jimmy/Cajun Country Wild 'n' Cajun 1984, German M-/M- RCA pl70437
R-94 Newman C., Jimmy/Cajun Country The Cajun Way 1988, Switzerland Mint Montana Country 310008
R-95 Newman, Randy Retrospect 1983, Australia Mint Warner Brothers 600137
R-96 Nile, Willie Golden Down 1981… Sealed Arista ab4284
R-97 Nirvana Nevermind 1991, insert Mint David Geffen Company dgc24425
R-98 No Trend When Death Won't Solve Your Problem 1985, U.K. M-/M- Windowspeak wsp5
R-99 Noah Noah 1970, sw M-/M- RCA Victor lsp4432
R-100 Nothing Hillbillies Missing 1990, promo M-/M- Warner Brothers 126147
R-101 Nugent, Ted/Amboy Dukes Call of the Wild 1974, sw, yellow M-/M- Discreet ds2181
R-102 Nurse With Wound Automating Volume 1 2001, U.K., re issue, clear vinyl, insert Mint United Dairies udo53
R-103 Nurse With Wound Automating Volume 2 1989, U.K. Mint United Dairies udo30
R-104 Nurse With Wound Alas the Madonna Does Not Function 1988, U.K. Mint United Dairies ud027
R-105 Orb Okie Dokie On Kompakt 2005, 2 lps, German M-/M- Kompakt 128
R-106 Peace Love and Pitbulls Reverberation Nation 1993, Canada, promo 12" M-/M- Nettwerk ntwkvpro002
R-107 Pemulis Dr., Michael The Expert Says 1987, split lp Mint Placebo pla22aa
R-108 Pleasure Crew So Good 1987, U.K. M-/M- FAC 169
R-109 Poi Dog Pondering Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea 1990, lyric sleeve M-/M- Columbia c45403
R-110 Poi Dog Pondering U-Li-La-Lu 1990, ep, promo only, 1 side etched M-/M- Exas Hotel Columbia crs1995
R-111 Quando Quango Love Tempo 1983, 12 inch Mint Factory of New York ofny5th
R-112 Quando Quango 2 From Quando 1984, U.K., 12 inch M-/M- FAC 102
R-113 Red Turns To… Deep Sleep 1985, U.K., embossed cover, 12 inch Mint FAC 116
R-114 Rezillos I Can't Stand the 1978, promo Mint Sire srk6057
R-115 Sakamoto, Ryuchi ST Royal Space Force 1987, Japan, obi, book Mint mil1025
R-116 Section 25 Girls Don't Count 1980, U.K., girl cover M-/M- N/A
R-117 Section 25 Looking From a Hilltop 1984, U.K., 12 inch M-/M- FAC 108
R-118 Sharp, C./A. Hutchings/R. Thompson An Hour With 1986, U.K. M-/M- Dambuster dam014
R-119 Shit Spangled Banner No Dolby No DBX 1994, gf, sng stkr, colored vinyl Mint Ecstatic Yod fyp121
R-120 Shriek Back Jam Science 1984, Holland M-/M- Y ylp504
R-121 Sleep Chamber Babylon 1986, 12 inch M-/M- XXX xxxep1
R-122 Sleep Chamber Babylon 1986.. M-/M- XXX xxxep1
R-123 Sleep Chamber Sharp Spikes/Spurs 1989… Mint Inner X xxxlp10
R-124 Sloan Between the Bridges 1999, Canada M-/M- MUR 40
R-125 Sloan Smeared 1998, Canada M-/M- Murder mur037
R-126 Smersh Emmanuelle Goes to Bangkok 1990, Belgium M-/M- Smersh kk047
R-127 Spin Doctors Turn it Upside Down 1994, gf, sng stkr, colored vinyl Sealed Epic e52907
R-128 Squarepusher Burningn 'n Tree 1997, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- WaARPLP35p
R-129 Squarepusher Hard Normal Daddy 1997, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- Warp warp50lp
R-130 Stafford, Terry Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose 1973, notch, promo, rw Ex/M- Atlantic sd7282
R-131 Stardrive/R. Mason Intergalactic Trot 1973, rare quad M-/M- Elektra eq5058
R-132 Starr, Ringo Ringo 1973, gf, U.K., book M-/M- EMI pctc252
R-133 Startled Insects Curse of the Pheromones 1987… M-/M- Antilles 906301
R-134 Stockholm Monsters Miss Moonlight 1983, Belgium M-/M- Benelux fbn19
R-135 Strafe Fur Rebellion Der Saemann 1987, Austrian, inster M-/M- lp 04
R-136 Stranglers IV 1977, sw M-/M- A&M sp4648
R-137 Strawberry Alarm Clock The World in a Sea Shell sw, hole M-/M- UNI 73035
R-138 Strehli, Angela Band Soul Shake 1987, cc Mint Antone's ant0006
R-139 String Driven Thing Please Mind You Head 1974, sw M-/M- 20th Century t470
R-140 Strokes Is This It? 2001, gf M-/M- RCA 07863680451
R-141 Stuart, C./J. Clyde Of Cabbages and Kings 360, white M-/M- Columbia cs9471
R-142 Stuart, Marty Marty Stuart 1986, srw M-/M- Columbia c40302
R-143 Stuart, Marty/J. Cash/Doc Watson Busy Bee Café 1982, sw, sng stkr M-/M- Sugar Hill sh3726
R-144 Super Stocks/Hot Rod Rog Hot Rod Magazine Rally sw, black, rb M-/M- Capitol st1997
R-145 Surorize In Movimento 1984, Belgium, 12 inch M-/M- Benelux fbn26
R-146 Terminal Cheesecake Pearlesque Kings of the Jewmost 1992, U.K. M-/M- World Serpent wslp001
R-147 Thaemlitz, Terre Replicas Rubato 1999, German M-/M- MP mplp71
R-148 The Black Dog Parallel 1995, gf, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- CPRLP 15
R-149 Thick Pigeon Too Crazy Cowboys 1984, cc Mint Factus 16
R-150 Tied and Tickled Trio Observing Systems 2003, gf, 2 lps M-/M- Morr 039
R-151 Toniutti, Massimo II Museo Selvatico 1991, Italy, insert, postcard M-/M- Idanna 003
R-152 Tragically Hip The Tragically Hip 1987, sng stkr, 1st lp M-/M- MCA mca39116
R-153 Tsuyuko, Aki Ongakushitsu 2000, 2 lps M-/M- Moikai m10
R-154 V.A.: 808 State/Mr. Fingers/Jackmaster Funk Warp 10 + 1 Influences 1999, U.K., gf, 4 lps M-/M- Warp
R-155 V.A.: Autechre/J. Tenor/Red Snapper We Are Reasonable People 1998, U.K., gf, 3 lps M-/M- Warp Wap 100
R-156 VA: Comp by Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music Vol.4 2000, 2 lps, gf, w/book/poster, clear vinyl Mint Revenant 6002
R-157 VA: Kiowa/Crow/Zuni/Hopi/Ute Authentic Music of the American Indian box, 3 lps Sealed Everest 3450/3
R-158 Valentine, Hilton All In Your Head hole Sealed Capitol st330
R-159 Wilson, Deirdre Tabac The Deirdre Wilson Tabac 1970, orange M-/M- RCA Victor lsp4283
R-160 Zappa, Frank Thing Fish Them or Us 1984, promo only M-/M- Barking Pumpkin spro9261
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Mint  not sealed but as good as it gets
M- nothing at all wrong with it –just not mint
Ex  good condition – plays great with some minor stuff (ring wear, scuffs etc.) keeping it from the M- category.
Vg+ - a much misunderstood grade.  I usually only place vintage, older sought after Vg+ stuff (jazz-soul-blues-50’s & 60’s rock etc.) on my auctions.  If you are buying to listen and enjoy the 50 -60 year old albums bid a little less and these records will be fine for you.  If you are a dealer looking to re-sell my Vg+ albums and get rich I wouldn’t do it.
Vg (or lower) truly rare and unusual
Remember all albums are guaranteed and may be returned for a full refund  (postage included)  Minimum bid is $10.00

Abbreviations and explanations:

‘360’ -black-white-written around label-tells the age of the pressing
Bk – book or booklet with lp
Black RB – Black label with rainbow-these labels help identify age of lp
Decal – usually added to shrink wrap or cover to clarify contents
D.G. – older 50’s-60’s lps especially Blue Note (Jazz) have a deeper groove around label- this helps to identify the age and pressing – 1st press, 2nd press etc.
Die-cut – album cover has portions with die-cut design
Drummer –icon on label of original 1st press Emarcy, Mercury lps
F.O. - cover folds open in some way other than Gf
Gf – gatefold
Guar. Hi-fi – guaranteed Hi-fi (mono)
Inserts – various paper and promotions inside lp
Ltd.Ed – limited edition pressing- sometimes numbered
Lyr.Sht – separate lyric sheet included with lp
Lyr.Slv – lyric sleeve for lp
OBI – strip on outside of cover, approx. 2-3” wide, mostly on foreign emports and 12”
Pic-disc – picture disc
Promo – promotional copy identified as such on either cover or label
SmSpl – seam of lp is split around top, bottom or side
SngStkr – a sticker on original shrink wrap promoting songs on lp
SRW – slight ring wear on cover
SW - record has original shrink wrap
TOBC- tear on back cover
T/S – Time Strip promotional lp sent to DJs, record stores or reviewers. Songs, titles and timing of lps usually a white 3-4 “ sticker across lower third of cover
Trumpet – icon on label or original 1st press Verve etc. labels
Virgin Vinyl – non-recycled vinyl quality see thru pressing
WLP! – these labels are mostly white promo copies, some other colors will be labeled pink, yellow lt. Blue etc on description.
WOC – writing, stamping or marking on record cover
WOL – writing, stamping or marking on record label
CC – cut corner on cover
Hole – small hole punched in cover
Not – record cover has thin notch on top or side
   All 3 of the above were done by record companies to designate albums as non-returnable for full store credit

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