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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
J-1 Akiyoshi, Toshiko Trio Dedications 1977, Japan, audioph, obi M-/M- Disco Mate dsp5006
J-2 Baxter, Les The Primitive and the Passionate 1961, mono, 3 color, d.g. M-/M- Reprise r6048
J-3 Bellson, L./H. Geller The Brilliant Bellson Sound black, mono M-/M- Verve mgv2123
J-4 Blakey, Art In Paris w/ B. Powell/L. Morgan mono ,lines M-/M- Epic la16017
J-5 Blakey, Art/Jazz Messangers Not Yet 1988, Italy, sng stkr M-/M- Soul Note 1211051
J-6 Blakey, Art/Jazz Messangers ST Les Liaisons Dangereuses yellow, promo, d.g. M-/M- Fontana srf67539
J-7 Blakey, Art/Jazz Messangers Mosaic 1984, sw, mono, audiop, obi M-/M- Blue Note bst84090
J-8 Blakey, Art/Jazz Messangers Caravan 1983, sw, Japan, obi M-/M- Baystate rjl8071
J-9 Brookmeyer, B./J. Hall/J. Raney The Street Swingers 1958, black, mono, d.g. M-/M- World Pacific pj1239
J-10 Brooks, Tina True Blue 1994, 180 gram, vir vinyl, audiop, sng stkr Sealed Blue Note 28975
J-11 Brown, Lawrence All Stars/J. Hodges Inspired Abandon 1965, gf, orange M-/M- Impulse a89
J-12 Brown, Lawrence All Stars/J. Hodges Inspired Abandon 1965, gf, orange M-/M- Impulse a89
J-13 Chambers, Paul Quintet/D. Byrd/E. Jones Paul Chambers Quintet sw, cc, mono, div of ua M-/M- Blue Note 1564
J-14 Clarke, Kenny Sextet Kenny Clarke Plays Andre Hodier 1957, mono, lines, d.g. M-/M- Epic ln3376
J-15 Coltrane, J./C. Adderley Cannonball/Coltrane gf, promo, mono, booklet M-/M- Limelight lm82009
J-16 Coltrane, J./Flanagan, T. The Cats mono, dark blue M-/M- New Jazz 8217
J-17 Coltrane, John The Last Trane 1965, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7378
J-18 Coltrane, John Om gf, red black M-/M- Impulse a1940
J-19 Coltrane, John Meditations 1966, gf, orange M-/M- Impulse a9110
J-20 Coltrane, John Coltrane Jazz mono, red purple M-/M- Atlantic 1354
J-21 Davis, Miles Bitches Brew 2 lps, gf M-/M- Columbia gp26
J-22 Davis, Miles Tutu 1986… M-/M- Warner Brothers r143401
J-23 Davis, Miles All Stars Walkin' 1960's, mono, dark blue M-/M- Prestige lp7076
J-24 Domnerus, A./K. Jorgensen Duke's Melody 1981, Sweden M-/M- Phontastic phont7533
J-25 Evans, B./J. Hall Intermodulation 1966, gf, black, d.g. M-/M- Verve v68655
J-26 Evans, Bill Spring Leaves 1976, 2 lps, gf, red M-/M- Milestone m47034
J-27 Fitch, Mal Mal Fitch mono, blue, drummer, d.g. M-/M- Emarcy mg36041
J-28 Friedman, Don Trio Waltz For Debby 2003, Japan, audiop M-/M- vrjl7010
J-29 Fuller, C./L. Morgan/H. Mobley Sliding Easy 1976, Japan, audioph, obi M-/M- United Arts lax3129
J-30 Garner, Erroll By Gas Light Piano Improvisations mono, orange gold, d.g. M-/M- Dial 902
J-31 Grayco, Helen Lady in Red blue mono, d.g., sm spl Ex/M- Verve mgv2099
J-32 Hawkins, Coleman Wrapped Tight 1972, gf, mono, cc, black red M-/M- Impulse a87
J-33 Johnson, Buddy/E. Johnson Go Ahead/ Rock Rock Rock 1958, white, mono, d.g. M-/M- Roulette r25085
J-34 Jones, Rufus/J. Farrell/T. Turrentine Five on Eight mono, wlp M-/M- Cameo c1076
J-35 Lambert/Hendricks/Ross Sing A Song of Basie 1957, gf, mono, wlp M-/M- Impulse a83
J-36 Lincoln, Abbey Affair A Story of a Girl in Love 1984, France, mono Sealed Liberty lrp3025
J-37 London, Julie Caldenar Girl 1956, gf, mono, maroon M-/M- Liberty sl9002
J-38 McDuff Brother, Jack Silk and Soul 1965, dark blue M-/M- Prestige pr7404
J-39 McDuff Brother, Jack Midnight Sun M-/M- Prestige pr7529
J-40 McLean, J./T. Brooks/D. Byrd Jackie's Bag 1985… M-/M- Blue Note bst84051
J-41 McLean, Jackie/B. Hutcherson Destination… 1995… M-/M- Blue Note 32087
J-42 Mingus, Charlie Blue/Roots early, red green M-/M- Atlantic 1305
J-43 Mingus, Charlie Live With E. Dolphy 1960?, mono, Japan, audioph, insert M-/M- BYG yx7009
J-44 Mingus, Charlie Tijuana Moods 1962, mono, sw, d.g. M-/M- RCA lpm2533
J-45 Morgan, Lee Live at the Lighthouse Hermosa Beach CA gf, 2 lps, lib UA M-/M- Blue Note bst89906
J-46 Nascimento, Milton Courage 1969, gf, wlp M-/M- A&M sp3019
J-47 O'Day, Anita Waiter, Make Mine Blues sw, Japan, audioph, obi M-/M- Verve mv2693
J-48 Parlan, Horace/S. Turrentine On the Spur of the Moment thick, reissue M-/M- Blue Note 4074
J-49 Pepper, Art Art is the Art the Art Pepper Quartet Vol. 2 1958, sw, obi, Japan, audiophile M-/M- pa7197
J-50 Pepper, Art Memorial Collection A Night in Tunisia Vol. 4 1983, Japan, audiop, obi M-/M- Pap25044
J-51 Rogers, Shorty/B.Cooper/C.B. Shank Re-Entry 1983, Japan, audiop, obi M-/M- la271024
J-52 Rogers, Shorty/Giants The Swinging Mr. Rogers 1955, black, mono, d.g. M-/M- Atlantic 1212
J-53 Russell, George Sextet In K.C. mono, pink promo, d.g., wobc M-/M- Decca dl4183
J-54 Sanders, P./T. McCoy/D. Murray Tribute to J. Coltrane Blues for Coltrane 1988, promo M-/M- Impulse mca42122
J-55 Scott, Shirley Soul Searching mono, dark blue M-/M- Prestige 7173
J-56 Scott, Shirley/C. Terry Soul Duo gf, orange M-/M- Impulse a9133
J-57 Shepp, Archie Steam 1977, purple M-/M- Inner City ic3002
J-58 Sims, Zoot The Art of Jazz yellow M-/M- Seeco celp4520
J-59 Tjader, Cal Huracan 1978, direct disc, audioph M-/M- Crystal Clear ccs8003
J-60 Washington, Dinah Dinah Discovered red, mono, d.g. M-/M- Mercury mg21119
J-61 Wilson, J./R. Brown Something Personal Sealed Blue Note bst84251
J-62 Wilson, T./G. Mulligan/B. Evans With Bob Brookmeyer/Bill Evans 1982, insert, Japan, audiop, obi, mono M-/M- Verve umv2622
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
S-1 Badd Santa Peanut Butter Wolf Presents 2007, 2 lps Sealed Stones Throw sth2181
S-2 Bonet, Nai Belly Go! Go! w/Jelly Belly 1966, sw M-/M- Karate ksd5403
S-3 Boogie Boys City Life 1985, cc, sw M-/M- Capitol st12409
S-4 Bridges, Alicia Hocus Pocus 1984, lyr sht M-/M- Second Wave lp22007
S-5 Bridges, Alicia Hocus Pocus 1984, lyr slv M-/M- Second Wave lp22007
S-6 Brown, Elaine Elaine Brown 1973, wlp, rw Ex/M- Black Forum bf458ldj
S-7 Brown, James Sings Out of Sight gf, hole Sealed Smash srs167109
S-8 Brown, James Live at the Apollo Vol. 2 2 lps, gf, blue, sm spl Ex/M- King 1022
S-9 Charizma/Peanut Butter Wolf Big Shots 2003, 2 lps M-/M- Stones Throw sth2077
S-10 Cooke, Sam The Man Who Invented Soul 1968, black M-/M- RCA lsp3991
S-11 Cooke, Sam Sam Cooke 2 lps M-/M- Spring Board spx6003
S-12 Cudu Waterplay 1990, Italy M-/M- Materiali Sonori maso33055
S-13 Danger Doom The Mouse and the Mask 2005, gf M-/M- Epituph 867751
S-14 Darth Fader/Scarecrow Willy Bionic Booger Breaks 1993, gold label M-/M- Dirt Style
S-15 Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030 2011, 2 lps, reissue M-/M- Del75033
S-16 Dixon, W./Memphis Slim Willie's Blues mono, blue, d.g. VG+/VG+ Prestige 1003
S-17 DJ Food Jazz Brakes Vol. 3 1992, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- Zen 4
S-18 Dorasel Unleash the Beast 2001… M-/M- Rap-A-Lot 724381058312
S-19 East Fiatbush Project Tried By 12 Remixes 1998, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Zen1275
S-20 Ellis, Shirley Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling sw, mono M-/M- Columbia cl2679
S-21 Esquires Get on up and Get Away hole Ex/M- Bunky bs300
S-22 Exuma Exuma gf, wlp M-/Ex Mercury sr61265
S-23 Franklin, Aretha This Girl's in Love With You 1970, sw, red green M-/M- Atlantic sd8248
S-24 Fugi Mary, Don't Take me on no Bad Trip 1977… M-/M- Funky Delicacies dellp0009
S-25 Funkadelic Maggot Brain gf, cc, rw Ex/M- westbound w218
S-26 Funkadelic The Best of the Early Years Vol. 1 1974… Ex/M- Westbound wb303
S-27 General Kane Wide Open 1987, wlp M-/M- Motown 6238ml
S-28 Giovanni, Nikki Truth is on Its Way cc M-/M- Right-On rro5001
S-29 Green, Al Full of Fine 1976, hole, promo M-/M- Hi shl32097
S-30 Hathaway, Donny Extension of a Man 1973, gf, 1841 M-/M- Atco sd7029
S-31 Ice Cube/2-Pac/Snoop Dog Gang Related 1997, 3 lps M-/M- Death Row p153509
S-32 Invaders Steel Band El Ritmo Del Caribe mono, Venezulela M-/M- Sonus sa202
S-33 Jackson, Michael Farewell My Summer Love 1984 1984, sw, lim poster M-/M- Motown 6101ml
S-34 Joshua Willie/Hand Jive/Other Boogie Music 1975, sw M-/M- axavl1036
S-35 Jungle Bros/Phuture/Humanoid Acid in the House 1988, German M-/M- Zyx Rec 20132
S-36 Kongas Kongas 1974, France, cc, srw M-/M- Barclay xbly80524
S-37 Lane, Suzi Ooh, La La 1979, cut, lyr slv M-/M- Elektra 6e207bsp
S-38 Mad Lads A New Geginning 1973, promo M-/M- Stax sts3016
S-39 Madona I'm Breathless 1990… M-/M- Sire 126209
S-40 Mayfield, Curtis Sweet Exorcist 1974, gf M-/M- Curtom crs8601
S-41 MC Conrad Vocalist 2000, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- glrv01lp
S-42 McGregor, Freddie All in the Same Boat 1986… M-/M- Real Authentic Sound ras3014
S-43 Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul 1999, 2 lps, fold open, U.K. M-/M- Warp lp61
S-44 Nightmares on Wax DJ Kicks 2000, 2 lps, German M-/M- !K7 093lp
S-45 Oh No Dr. No's Oxpermient 2007, 2 lps Sealed Stones Throw sth2165
S-46 O'Jays So Full Of Love 1978, lyr slv M-/M- Phil. Int. jz35355
S-47 Penn StateUnited Soul Ensemble Songs of Faith 1973, sw M-/M- ajc4
S-48 Prince/Revolution ST Purple Rain 1984, poster, lyr slv M-/M- Warner Brothers 125110
S-49 Scienz of Life Project Overground the Scienz Experiment 2002, 2 lps M-/M- Sub Verse svm22
S-50 Styles of Beyond 2000 Fold 1998, 2 lps M-/M- Bilawn 0488100131
S-51 Sunbear Sunbear 1977… Sealed bvl12105
S-52 Three Degrees Three Degrees 1973, gf, Canada, nudes M-/M- Phil. Int. kz32406
S-53 Tricky Back to Mine 2003, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- DMC backlp14
S-54 Turner, Ike/Kings of Rhythm A Black Man's Soul 1969, white M-/M- Pompeii sd6003
S-55 V/A Comp Happy Hardcore 2 1994, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Jumpin'/Pumpin' lptot22
S-56 V/A Comp Warp 1042 Classics 89-92 1999, gf, U.K., 4-12 inch M-/M- warp10+2
S-57 Wonder, Stevie Where I'm Coming From 1977, gf, punch-out, letters intact M-/M- Tamla ts308
S-58 Wonder, Stevie Live 1970, wlp M-/M- Tamla ts298
S-59 Wonder, Stevie Fulfillingness First Finale 1974, gf, promo M-/M- Tamla t633251
S-60 Zapp The New Zapp IV U 1985, sw M-/M- Warner Brothers 125327
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
P-1 Best of Mountain Best of Mountain Ft. L. West/F. Pappalardi 1973, sw, quad M-/M- Columbia cq32079
P-2 Coxhill, Lol/F. Frith French Gigs 1983, France M-/M- AAA a02
P-3 Cream/Iron Butterfly The Savage Seven 1968, rare, mono, wlp M-/M- atco sd33245
P-4 Dead Can Dance Serpents Egg 1988, lyr slv, U.K. M-/M- 4 AD CAD808
P-5 DJ Signify Sleep No More 2004, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- lc02070
P-6 Douglas, Sir Quintet Border Wave 1981, sw M-/M- Takoma tak7088
P-7 Douglas, Sir Quintet Mendocino M-/M- Smash/Mercury srs67115
P-8 Garcia, J./D. Grisman/P. Rowan Old/In the Way 1975… M-/M- Round rx103
P-9 Moody Blues Go Now sw M-/M- London ps428
P-10 Morgan Brown Out 1976, promo, sng stkr M-/M- Import imp1006
P-11 Morrison, Van Into the Music 1979, Japan, Audiop, lyr sht M-/M- Mercury rj7630
P-12 Nash, Graham Wild Tales q1973, German, lyr sht M-/M- Atlantic atl50025
P-13 Naughty Sweeties Chinatown 1980, autographed M-/M- Dauntless dls1
P-14 Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud M-/M- Vertigo 6303103
P-15 Nazareth Play 'n' the Game 1978, German M-/M- Vertigo 6370418
P-16 Nektar Recycled 1975, German, folding lyr poster M-/M- Bellaphon blps19219
P-17 Ochs, Phil The Broadside Tapes 1 1989, promo, insert M-/M- Folkways sf40008
P-18 Oneness Space Oneness Space 1975, gf, great cover M-/M- Living Long
P-19 Orbison, Roy Memphis 1972, sw M-/M- MGM se4867
P-20 Orbison, Roy Orbisongs mono M-/Sealed Monument mlp8035
P-21 Ordinaires Ordinaires 1985, German M-/M- Dossier st7509
P-22 Osbourne, Ozzy No Rest for the Wicked 1988, promo M-/M- CBS z44245
P-23 Osbourne, Ozzy Diary of a Madman 1981, sw, sng stkr M-/M- Jet fz37492
P-24 Otis, Shuggie Inspiration Information 2007, 180 gram, virgin vinyl M-/M- Epic p747285
P-25 Paladin Charge! 1972, gf, U.K. M-/M- Bronzeilps9190
P-26 Pan Pan (Ron Elliot) 1973, gf M-/M- Columbia kc32062
P-27 Perkins, Carl On Top sw, 360 white M-/M- Columbia cs9931
P-28 Psychic TV Live in Heaven 1984, U.K., lim ed 3000 M-/M- Topy 018
P-29 Psychic TV Live in Toronto 1987, U.K., lim ed 3000 M-/M- Topy 028
P-30 Psychic TV Live in Glasgow 1987, U.K., lim ed 3000 M-/M- Topy 016
P-31 Public Image Limited First Issue 1978, U.K. M-/M- Pil v2114
P-32 Sahm, Doug Hell of a Spell 1980… M-/M- Takoma tak7075
P-33 Santa Fe Santa Fe 1971, gf M-/M- Ampex a10135
P-34 Santana Santana 360… M-/M- Columbia cs9781
P-35 Santi, Jon Plays Back Synthesized Electrons 1976, cc M-/M- MCA 2220
P-36 Savoy Brown Looking In gf M-/M- Parrot pas71042
P-37 Schon, M./J. Hammer Untold Passion 1981, sw M-/M- Columbia fc37600
P-38 Schulze, Klaus Black Dance 1974, gf, U.K. M-/M- Caroline ca2003
P-39 Scorpions Love at First Sting 1984, nude cover, srw M-/M- Mercury 4228149811m1
P-40 Scot, Colin Colin Scot 1971, sw M-/M- a 93561009
P-41 Scruffy the Cat High Octane Revival! 1986… Sealed Relativity 8856181151
P-42 Seeger, Pete Songs of Struggle/Protest 1930-1950 1964, mono, blue, book M-/M- Folkways fh5233
P-43 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the 1977, submission stkr M-/M- Warner Brothers r13147
P-44 Shadows of Knight Back Door Men 1998, reissue M-/M- Sundazed 5035
P-45 Shangri-Las Leader of the Pack 1965, mono, rw VG+/M- Red Bird rb20101
P-46 Simon, Paul Stranger to Stranger 2016, 180 gram, orange vinyl, mp3 download Sealed Concord cre39781
P-47 Simon, Paul Negotiations and Love Songs 1971-1986 1988, 2 lps, promo Ex/M- WB 125789
P-48 Sinfield, Pete Still 1973, gf M-/M- Manticore anti2001
P-49 Skinny Puppy Inqustion 1992, 12 inch, 4 songs Sealed VNR 15831
P-50 Skyliners Skyliners 1962… M-/M- Calico clp3000
P-51 Slade Slayed? 1972, wlp, srw M-/M- Polydor pd5524
P-52 Slayer Divine Intervention 1994, red vinyl M-/M- American 145522
P-53 Small Faces First Step gf, green, rw Ex/M- Warner Brothers 1851
P-54 Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone Flake 1973, die cut, round cover, dark red M-/M- Immediate aa4225
P-55 Small Faces There Are But Four pink M-/M- Immediate z1252002
P-56 Smith, Patti Group Radio Ethiopia 1972, lyr sht M-/M- Arista al4097
P-57 Smith, Patti Group Wave 1979, lyr sht, sw M-/M- Arista ab4221
P-58 Smith, Warren The First Country Collection of mono, black, r.b. M-/M- Liberty lrp3199
P-59 Smith, Warren The First Country Collection of mono, wlp, srw Ex/M- Liberty lrp3199
P-60 Sneaky Pete Sneaky Pete 1979… M-/M- Shiloh slp4086
P-61 Snell, Adrian Feed the Hungry Heart 1985, U.K. Sealed SPCN 7016817067
P-62 Spooky Tooth Spooky Two brown M-/M- A&M sp4194
P-63 Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga 2007… M-/M- MRG295
P-64 Springsteen, Bruce Nebraska 1982… M-/M- Columbia tc38358
P-65 Squeeze Anatomy of a Burger 1981, bootleg M-/M- I-C-YA 333
P-66 VA: Crystals/Ronettes/B. B. Soxx Phil Spector's Christmas Album mono, re-issue Sealed Warner Brothers sp9103
P-67 Various Artists ST Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World 2010, red vinyl M-/M- Abkco 03431
P-68 Von Schmidt, Eric Who Knocked the Brauns Out of the Sky? red, hole, rw VG+/M- Smash/Mercury srs67124
P-69 Youth, Ciccone The Whitey Album 1988… M-/M- Blast First/Enigma754021
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Item # Artist Title Notes Grade Catalog #
I-1 M.T.T/Nurse/Wound Rameleh Caught From Behind 1990, Italy, insert M-/M- MH 006
I-2 3/4 Had Been Eliminated The Religious Experience 2007, lim ed, splatter vinyl, sugar cane cover Sealed Soleilmoon sol147
I-3 Barkmarket 1-800-Godhouse 1988, insert M-/M- Purge 025
I-4 Barriere Babptiste, J./Pandemonium Non, Jamais L'esperance 1976, France M-/M- Atem 7004
I-5 Batt, Mike/London Symphony Orchestra Schizophonia 1977, gf, u.k. M-/M- Epic sepc82001
I-6 Breeders Pod 1990, U.K. M-/M- 4AD cad0006
I-7 Ceephax Voluma One 2007, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- Rephlex cat185lp
I-8 Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie 1990, German M-/M- Schneeball
I-9 Clarke, Dave X-Mix Electro Boogie- the Tracks 1996, U.K., 3- 12 inch M-/M- !K7 050lp
I-10 Costello, Donnacha Together is the New Alone 2001, German, 2 lps M-/M- mp 104
I-11 Craig, Carl The Album Formerly Known As… 2005, gf, 3 lps M-/M- ClSSICS PE652801
I-12 DJ Rels Theme For A Broken Soul 2004, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Stones Throw sth2087
I-13 Empty Quarter Delirium 1986, U.K. M-/M- Illuminated ama24
I-14 Eroc Zwei 1976, gf, German M-/M- Brain 60007
I-15 Etron Fou Leloublan Face Aux Elements Dechaines 1985, switzerland, insert M-/M- Rerec 08
I-16 Flipper Public Flipper Limited Live 1980-1985 1986, 2 lps, inserts M-/M- Subterranean sub53
I-17 Guru Guru/Uli Trepte Hot On Spot/Inbetween 1987, U.K. M-/M- United Dairies ud024
I-18 Hint Portakabin Fever 2003, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Mongoose mex036
I-19 Irresistible Force It's Tomorrow Already 1998, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- ZEN 38
I-20 Kid Koala Your Mom's Favorite DJ 2006, U.K. M-/M- Ninja Tune
I-21 Kid Koala Some of My Best Friends Are Djs 2003, Canada/U.S., comc book M-/M- Zen 82
I-22 Liemer, K. Imposed Order 1983, cc M-/M- Palace of Lights 17/2000
I-23 Liemer, K. Closed System Potentials 1981… M-/M- pol 033000
I-24 Makoto Human Elements 2003, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- glrma005lp
I-25 Masstishaddhu Shekinah 1988, U.K. M-/M- United Dairies ud028
I-26 Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You 2008, U.K. M-/M- Base wiglp168
I-27 Mr Scruff Keep it Unreal 1999, 2 lps, U.K., gf M-/M- N/A
I-28 Munju High Speed Kindergarden 1977, German, poster M-/M- April 0012
I-29 Nekropolis Live 1983, German, insert M-/M- Schneeball 1037
I-30 Nightmare on Wax Thought so… 2008, gf, 2 lps, U.K. M-/M- Warp lp159
I-31 Nurse With Wound Thunder Perfect Mind 2001, U.S., 2 lps, gf, sng stkr M-/M- Streamline 1020
I-32 Nurse With Wound An Awkward Pause 1999, U.K., lim ed, 2 lps, grey vinyl M-/M- United Dairies ud056
I-33 Nurse With Wound Creakiness/Firepool 1991, U.K., split lp M-/M- United Dairies ud038
I-34 Phoenecia Brownout 2001, gf, 2 lps M-/M- Schematic
I-35 Sadistic Mika Band Sadistic Mika Band 1973, U.K. M-/M- Emi shsp4029
I-36 Sexgang Children Sebastiahe 1983, U.K., 45 rpm, 4 cut M-/M- Ill 2212
I-37 Sham 69 Live And Loud!! 1987, U.K. M-/M- Link lp04
I-38 Sham' 69/Vendetta/Glory Oi… Glorious Oi! 1987, U.K. M-/M- Link lp023
I-39 Shrieve, Michael/K. Schulze Transfer Station Blue 1984, insert M-/M- Fortuna forlp023
I-40 Silver Mt. Zion Mem. Orch This is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing 2003, Canada, 2 lps, gf, book M-/M- CST 0271
I-41 Stasis Past Movements 2003, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- PeaceFrog pfg046
I-42 Suburban Knight My Sol Dark Direction 2003, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- PeaceFrog pfg025
I-43 Tejada, John Little Green Lights and Four Inch Faders 1988, U.K., 3 lps M-/M- A13 aa004lp
I-44 Throbbing Gristle Nothing Short of A Total War 1984, U.K. M-/M- N/A
I-45 Throbbing Gristle Special Treatment Live at the Cryptic One London 1978 1984, German M-/M- Mental Decay 011
I-46 U-Ziq Bluff Limbo 1994, U.K., 2 lps M-/M- Rephlex cat018lp
I-47 VA: James White/Material/Gichy Dan Mutant Disco Vol. 1 2005, Italy, 2 lps M-/M- ZE zereclp021
I-48 VA: L. Descloux/Garcon's/Was/Not Was Mutant Disco Vol. 2 2005, Italy, 2 lps M-/M- ZE zereclp022
I-49 Villalobus, Ricardo Achso 2005, gf, Switzerland, 2 lps, M-/M- N/A
I-50 Yoshihede, Otomo Sound Factory (1997) 1997… M-/M- HK gg021lp
I-51 Zuphall, Rufus Weib der Teufel… 2006, German, reissue M-/M- Long Hair lhc00049
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Mint  not sealed but as good as it gets
M- nothing at all wrong with it –just not mint
Ex  good condition – plays great with some minor stuff (ring wear, scuffs etc.) keeping it from the M- category.
Vg+ - a much misunderstood grade.  I usually only place vintage, older sought after Vg+ stuff (jazz-soul-blues-50’s & 60’s rock etc.) on my auctions.  If you are buying to listen and enjoy the 50 -60 year old albums bid a little less and these records will be fine for you.  If you are a dealer looking to re-sell my Vg+ albums and get rich I wouldn’t do it.
Vg (or lower) truly rare and unusual
Remember all albums are guaranteed and may be returned for a full refund  (postage included)  Minimum bid is $10.00

Abbreviations and explanations:

‘360’ -black-white-written around label-tells the age of the pressing
Bk – book or booklet with lp
Black RB – Black label with rainbow-these labels help identify age of lp
Decal – usually added to shrink wrap or cover to clarify contents
D.G. – older 50’s-60’s lps especially Blue Note (Jazz) have a deeper groove around label- this helps to identify the age and pressing – 1st press, 2nd press etc.
Die-cut – album cover has portions with die-cut design
Drummer –icon on label of original 1st press Emarcy, Mercury lps
F.O. - cover folds open in some way other than Gf
Gf – gatefold
Guar. Hi-fi – guaranteed Hi-fi (mono)
Inserts – various paper and promotions inside lp
Ltd.Ed – limited edition pressing- sometimes numbered
Lyr.Sht – separate lyric sheet included with lp
Lyr.Slv – lyric sleeve for lp
OBI – strip on outside of cover, approx. 2-3” wide, mostly on foreign emports and 12”
Pic-disc – picture disc
Promo – promotional copy identified as such on either cover or label
SmSpl – seam of lp is split around top, bottom or side
SngStkr – a sticker on original shrink wrap promoting songs on lp
SRW – slight ring wear on cover
SW - record has original shrink wrap
TOBC- tear on back cover
T/S – Time Strip promotional lp sent to DJs, record stores or reviewers. Songs, titles and timing of lps usually a white 3-4 “ sticker across lower third of cover
Trumpet – icon on label or original 1st press Verve etc. labels
Virgin Vinyl – non-recycled vinyl quality see thru pressing
WLP! – these labels are mostly white promo copies, some other colors will be labeled pink, yellow lt. Blue etc on description.
WOC – writing, stamping or marking on record cover
WOL – writing, stamping or marking on record label
CC – cut corner on cover
Hole – small hole punched in cover
Not – record cover has thin notch on top or side
   All 3 of the above were done by record companies to designate albums as non-returnable for full store credit

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