Hi! Welcome to Vinyl-Man Record auctions.  I’m Jerry Weber, former owner of Jerry’s Records for 42 years! in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Most of you know me from past Jerry’s Auctions.  I no longer own my store –having sold it to a former employee, Chris Grauzer, who continues to operate it in the Jerry’s tradition.  Visit him if you’re in town at 2136 Murray Ave. 2nd floor, Pittsburgh PA 15217  ph: 412-421-4533
I’m 70 years old and no longer have a brick and mortar store- which I miss (sometimes).  The good news is after 2 major knee replacements in one year I’m back as vinyl man, healthy and ready to resume auctions in 2018.

I have close to 400,000 records in my warehouse that I didn’t sell to Chris and during my knee rehabs I’ve managed to clean, grade and process 2-3 thousand tasty albums for auction during the next year.  We’ve made some minor changes in format, for the better I hope.  We will be listing approximately 333 records per month, these sections are up for auction currently:

There are currently no active auctions.

They will be listed as:
J“ for Jazz 1,2,3 etc
B“ for Blues 1,2,3 etc
S” for Soul 1, 2, 3 etc.
R” for Rock 1, 2, 3 etc.

To avoid confusion please make sure the correct letter (either J, B, S or R) precedes the number on your bids (ex. R-12, J-111, S-33). 
Auctions will go out on the first three days of each month and ends on the last Tuesday (approx. 1 month window).
We prefer you to email bids to bids@vinyl-man.com our website is www.vinyl-man.com
You can also mail bids to Vinyl-Man, 6920 McClure Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15218
Or phone us at 412-247-2921 – please call between 9am to 2pm EST.

Please remember all bidding ties will be awarded to the earliest bidder, so please don’t wait till the last minute.  Also I no longer own a store so my minimum bid is only $10.00.  I’d love to sell most of them so please don’t be afraid to bid $10.00 and upgrade the copy you own.  Each album is cleaned and graded by Vinyl-Man and all albums are 100% guaranteed.




Vinyl-man sez: "When you rescue a record you have formed a Holy Covenant you promise to love and keep it clean, warm, and dry. For this the record will provide you with much musical enjoyment for 20-50-100 years"

“In Vinyl Veritas”
(In Vinyl There is Truth)