Vinyl-Man's Clubhouse Hours: Friday 10AM - 1PM , SATURDAY 10AM - 1PM

I hope these additional hours will make it more convenient for some of my "good old days" Jerry's Records friends and music lovers to come and visit.

Over 10,000 albums (no 45's at present time) including:
1) Rock and Alternative
2) New revamped & reduced Jazz - Big Band - etc. section.
3) Wrangler Willies Country Western & Bluegrass corral.

Over 4,000 albums all in order reduced, and easy to get to.

We are now working on other sections to make them more attainable & affordable...

So, my faithful clubhouse members and my oldtime Jerrys Friends, come visit me. I'd love to see you.
Jerry "VINYLMAN" Weber

7455 Washington Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15218

Warehouse Phone: 412-271-6008